Christmas story in support of UNICEF for children in Syria

Point for discussion: Are we doing enough to help the children of Syria? The news from Syria has been so disturbing, I published a short Christmas story last Sunday - The Witch who Saved Christmas by Katie Penryn (pen name!). I am donating the royalties (29p a copy sold) to UNICEF until the 31.8.17. It’s a fairy tale for adults about the magic of Christmas with witches, cats, a shapeshifting leopard and Santa Claus. Only 85p in the UK, 99cts France and the USA. The content is suitable for children although they would need an adult with them to simplify some of the words. Here are the links:

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Sadly, the children of Syria are in the state that they are because of their horrible parents who, if they survive, will bring their children up with hatred in their hearts. The do-gooders do nothing to improve matters, so I will not be doing anything to ‘help’ the children of Syria. There are far more worthy causes that I do help and which do not involve hatred.