Christmas Visitors - help needed please

Urgent help needed please…

Does elderly Mum, living in UK… need an Attestation d’Acceuil in order to visit her daughter who is permanent resident in France… (CdSWA)… only looking at a couple of weeks max…

Perigueux Prefecture does NOT know the answer… I stood beside the phone, listening-in, while our Secretaire asked them…

I reckon by now enough Brits have come to France to visit family… that there should be a reasonable knowledge here on the Forum…


We had provided daughter with a copy of our accommodation booking (joining us on our holiday to the other side of France). It was never asked for and never looked at….

Not a lot of help as one example doesn’t make this hold universally.


Hi Stella,
I’ve just sent an email (today) to my parents (which they will print off) to ‘invite’ them to stay for the Christmas holidays, showing dates of arrival, departure and my address etc. I did the same in the Summer, it wasn’t asked for then and probably(?) won’t be asked for this time, but best to send just in case. Hope this helps :thinking:

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Thanks … I’ll pass these ideas on.

What a nice idea.

Well I have just had my dad here for a week and it never even occurred to us. Nor did anyone ask for anything.


Hasn’t occurred to me either. My son is due here on the 10th for a 5 day stay. He asked the French Embassy in Bangkok what he required to have and was told only evidence of double vaccinations.

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In theory yes - in practice no is the simple answer.

There’s no automatic checks at any border for them - its a hang over from the past that no one ever checks in reality - possibly if you’re a pain in the **** or look “disreputable” they may decide to check but …

Hi All

We have had two lots of visitors over the last couple of months. I sent a letter to them, confirming our address and length of stay.

Neither couple was asked anything about this.

Hope this helps



It must be that we Brits are such, in the main, a law abiding lot that we follow things to the letter, whilst everyone else says that’s mad, don’t bother.

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Except that my family report that despite masks now being obligatory again in UK compliance is low on public transport. Where here it seems to be pretty high everywhere I’ve been recently.

Pretty high around parts of London I have been to, around 90% a big increase over a few weeks ago.

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Haven’t been on public transport, but in the shops in the UK late this week, compliance seemed to be almost 100%. Only saw the odd person unmasked. A huge change from my last visit 4 weeks ago.


I still see mainly old men with their large hooters not covered by their masks.

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In Tesco today all but a single individual were masked. Our village have a Christmas bazaar this afternoon, and during the setting up only my wife wore a mask. I’m not going ‘just in case’.

Compliance is patchy, and not just among the uneducated.

Plenty of others with chin straps and dont get me started on the under 25’s. They are in the minority now though. Could be because Omicron goes for the young too.

I really cannot understand this apparent death wish some people have, also how they really do not seem to realise just how selfish they are.

I believe the answer is yes. I thought it was clear enough on the government website that that was the case. (Accueil - Démarches - Ministère de l'Intérieur). It covers everyone who dosn’t fall into one of a few cases, such as European citizens, those with a Schengen visa, those coming for medical emergencies, funerals etc. It’s a Brexit bonus. We did one for my son, then he had to cancel the trip. Now he’s hoping to come for Christmas and we have done another. No idea yet whether he’d be asked, but if he were refused and that was the reason it would be a shame. It costs €30, and needs to be countersigned by the mairie. Then you send it to the person, and they have it should they be asked for it when entering the country. If you are travelling to a hotel or a rental or whatever you don’t need one because yo have a reservation for set dates. We’ll see if Covid lets him come, and if he’s asked for the form when he travels.