Chronopost and DPD

I apparently signed for a package at 10.27 this morning from Chronopost. It clearly says I signed for it. I did not. I was in the garden from 10 am until 12 midday as the email said the delivery would take place between 10.25 and 12.25. There is no notice in my post box to say it is at the post office and I actually saw the postman go past my house twice.

I contacted Chronopost by email this evening as to my horror when using the tracking number I had received the package - it is not an inexpensive item as it is silk for spinning. Now Chronopost cannot provide me with the signature FEAR as I do not have a contract with them. I have contacted DPD by email and the seller but it is late but has anyone else had this problem? What was the outcome.

Had this a few times with DPD. They normally then deliver the next day - bit weird I know.

Horror bags situation! No possibility a kind l’y neighbour took it in for you? It has happened like that for us a couple of times. These courtier postal services are a slick but rely on gig-economy labour under huge pressure so no surprise if there are hitches. Hope your silk turn up!

ah Chronopost and DPD … a terror twin combination. I’ve waited in for a delivery of an ultra-large suitcase, to be told it was in my postbox (no) then several days later found it had been signed for at a post office some miles away, not even my own. Recently waiting in for high quality photo paper, within sight of the post box, I got an email to say nobody was in so they’d dropped an avis de passage into my letterbox (nope). I’ve generally found it better to chase with the seller rather than Chronopost/DPD directly … they have more clout. But, overall, the package DOES eventually get delivered by the evil duo … probably not where you expected it … but they’ve never lost a package yet.

Last week I was expecting a delivery from Chronopost, just before 11am the phone rang…

Madame, I cannot deliver your parcel, I have too much to do, I am too busy, I have to go to Bayonne, I will leave your parcel at Carrefour Market.

We actually live en route between the supermarket and Bayonne … no Madame, I do not have time.

I duly collected from Carrouf, no signature required, no evidence of my collection.