CIPAV - Do I have to pay this demand for money?

I've also had a letter from AG2R La Mondiale telling me I have to choose which supplementary pension group I wish to join. The sender has green highlighter on various words and phrases - now I'm getting worried.

I've just got a letter from Registre Des Creations seeking €179.40. I haven't paid it yet.

If you are still simply an AE then do not pay to register your business anywhere, as Valerie has said there are so many scams to get you to register in directories that are expensive and useless. When you set your business up you will have to pay, the amouint depending on the statut juridique you choose, but that will be with an official body (le Greffe) and not Registre Des Creations - yes it's a scam. My appologies, having had the conversation about the cost of licence stage, I presumed you were already out of the AE scheme.

I actually am an AE (for now). Once my husband receives his Visa, I would change the status of the business as we would jointly own. However, he has been awaiting his Visa for over a year now, and I can no longer wait out the Visa bureauracy before starting business.

Sorry - jumped the gun and tagged as part of the AE discussion.

not quite Valerie, if I'm not mistaken Donna isn't an AE in which case there are a million and one things that have to be paid for and cotisations regardless of what you earn/turnover - this is why the AE scheme is so revolutionary!

Donna, you're in a different set-up if I'm not mistaken, the AE scheme is incredibly simple compared to others - I'm in the process of setting up an SNC and like you will have to pay to register the company and then have all the standard cotisations to pay every month regardless of income/turnover. It depends on what set-up you've used for your business. The figure for registering sounds about right but I haven't had to pay yet so I can't confirm that.

Donna, it sounds like one of the advertising companies. They're asking you to pay up simply to put the name of your business in their directory (similar to Yellow Pages). It looks official but it's not - pure advertising.

I just got a bill for 179,40 from Registre Des Creations. Received my SIRET a couple weeks ago. Since then, people have been calling and writing with things to provide me. Does anyone know if this one is required? (It has a deadline) Or is it another soliciation?

You don't have to pay, it's their mistake, it's usually the RSI who do that non stop, glad to know the CIPAV are no different! You pay URSSAF who in turn pay your cotisations to the CIPAV who provide health cover and retirement, usually linked to an assurer that you'll have chosen when you set up prévadiès-campi in my case, others have chosen RAM, but they all do the same thing. All you are liable for is your cotisations to URSSAF, then in the fourth year you'll have to start paying the CFE (which replaced the old taxe professionnelle) which varies from 200 to 2000€ depending on where you live.