Citroën Ami

A pal of mine is seriously considering buying one of these for pottering around. I’m going to take a test drive for him in the next week or so, in Darty, where they’re sold just like any other electric appliance :joy:

Anybody else had any experience of them?

No driving licence and from age 14. :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
Sounds absolutely lethal.

Welcome to the world of the voiture sans permis. Though “voiture” is stretching it a bit more than usual here.

Looks to be made out of plastic.

I have no doubt that it is the future of motoring but would I part with 6k€ for one - not a chance; 600€ maybe but not 6k.

I read somewhere that they are banned from dual carriageways as well ae autoroutes. That could present some navigational problems, depending on where you live.
Drivers of conventional carsmight prefer them on dual carriageways, at least they would be able to overtake!

I think voiturette is the most appropriate term :slightly_smiling_face:

Normal door on one side, “suicide” door on the other, because they’re the same door. Front and back panels the same (apart from lights). Wings all the same. It’s todays Deuche. Don’t know if it can carry a basket of egg across a ploughed field though.

Max speed of 45KPH Mike, they wouldn’t make off the on ramp. They’d have to scraped off the front of artics.

A kind of Sinclair C5 in a box!

nah - it’d the occupants who will end up in a box :rofl:

More concerned about the pedestrians. At least the Axiam dump truck motor announces its arrival several minutes in advance.

And you can bet the kids will be scouring the Internet for performance boosting tweaks!

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I seriously hope your friend has the confidence to get in and test drive it himself, if not he should not be on the road endangering everyone else, sans permis or not!

You need the same road knowledge certificate as for driving a scooter from 14, if you were born after 1988.
It probably does the same top speed as a scooter.
I have been using a motorised means of transport since I was 14, no accidents… it is normal for us.

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Such as getting an entirely different vehicle - with a 6kW1 motor and 5 and a bit kWh battery I’m not sure that it will perform particularly well even “tweaked”.

True, scooters and small, restricted, motorcycles are moderately popular in the UK and much more so on the continent but it is still a VSP with all the problems attached to that status (see threads passim)

A scooter looks like a scooter and sensible drivers will make allowances. Admittedly the fact that this looks more toy-like than some VSP’s which almost  look like cars might actually be its saving grace but it is so unsexy I’ll bet most French teenagers would rather have the scooter and their parents will certainly prefer to buy them one.

1] One review said 9kW

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A brave experiment from Citroen - Perfect for a city commute where the traffic goes so slow. In London some of the traffic now goes slower than when they had horse and cart !


I have taken a bus ride in London when I could have walked faster.
But it seems that the Ami will not be available in the UK.

well, it’s built by d’em frogs ain’t it… ah mean, Brexshit means Brexshit dunnit :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face: :rofl:
billy no mates England rules OK dunnit! :hiking_boot: wot’s an ami anyways?

Of course, this vehicle isn’t aimed at teenagers, I can see ironic sock + birkenstock-wearing beardy types and oldies liking it. One of the reasons there are so many VSPs (apart from drunkards) is the high number of rural old people (especially old ladies because men often got their licence during their military service) who never passed a driving test because it was assumed they would always have someone to drive them around, who end up widowed and alone and the VSP is their lifeline.

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But if you have 32 000 € to spare, you could go to the end of the alphabet and buy a Renault Zoe.

Tracy, with all due respect, I think that’s a daft post based on goodness knows what assumptions. My friend is not in the Country and has asked me to check the car out. He currently owns an original Citroen Ami, a Citroen DS, a Citroen Maserati and a three litre Citroen C6. And that’s only his Citroens. I’ve no doubt he’d drive the pants off you any day. :crazy_face:

A friend of mine (a different one :slightly_smiling_face:) who’s bit of an expert on EVs thinks they’re very good.

Jon, who is making assumptions now? :laughing:
However well your friend drives, the limitations and dangers are with the vehicle itself, as others have alluded to above.


Don’t be ridicules Tracy. This isn’t some knocked together special. It’s a vehicle produced by one of Europe’s largest car makers. Do you think they’re going to risk their reputation with an unsafe vehicle?

IMO you would have been better off retracting your assumption that my pal was doddery than trying to defend your comment. But what the heck.