Classe 2 electrique

We have a small chalet in the mountains outside of Grenoble and when we’re not there (9 months of the year), we rent it out. It needed some electrical upgrades and EDF came in and did them and then an electrician came in to do some follow up work. Now there remains the problem of lights that do not have a ground and that everything is going LED, if we want to continue to rent it. I have searched in vain (from the US) for fixtures that we would want and that are classe 2 - appareil electrique avec double isolation. Any thoughts about how to track these down on the internet? I’m at my wits end.
Thanks for any help and guidance provided!
Andy T (St Hilaire)

Is this what you are looking for? You just need to see that there is the symbol for class 2 electric things on whatever it is (square within a square)

Thanks for the reply! Yes, but I am having a hard time finding things that aren’t so functional looking and with a bit more style. We need them for the salon, cuisine, and salle a manger…

Well that was just the first page of results for of googling eclairage classe 2 salle de bains so I am sure you will be able to find something you like.
Google éclairage/luminaires/lampes/système à led etc then add the name of the room it is for.
Or hire a decorator.

hate to hire a decorator
let me try your search

Wow. Ok, my french is pretty bad, I guess. Thanks!