Classic Car Prices in France

Hi all ! Im new to this site, so please correct me in any faux pas I make in my comments. <div> Im the owner of a classic which Ive unfortunately got to sell. Its a Triumph GT6 R.H.D. French carte-gris de collection. My question for all of you is how much are classics worth in France as compared to the UK?

Yes, it`s a "how long is a piece string" question, but it seems to me that classics are advertised for quite high prices here, but do they actually sell at these prices? I pass a car sales lot regularly and have noticed some vehicles (nowt special) hang around on the forecourt for many months; whereas UK traders seem to make a quick low profit sale the philosophy here seems to be to go for bigger profits but lower volume sales. Is that a fair assessment or is the trader near me just running a bad business?

I`m in the position of having to sell my Triumph because of the state of my central-heating by-the-by. Over 30 years old and still going, but only just, and following last patch-up by local plumber and lack of parts and low-efficiency and much head-shaking and sucking in of breath....

Anyway, all comments/advice on selling classics gratefully received.

Hi. Some good advice in the replies here. My choice of them would be to give the frenchy triumph club a go. I recently (sadly) sold my number 3 Volvo. It was a french reg’d RHD 480 Turbo Auto, with 145k miles. I put it up on a general Volvo forum I use here. The advice was to put in the forum. Within days my hand was snapped off. ‘Rocket’ now lives with a 480 enthusiast near to Amiens. Olivier traveled about 400Kms by train to collect, then jumped into Rocket & drove back! Another suggestion would be to pick up a copy of Autoretro magazine & try an ad’. Quite a few pop up in there & January’s issue had an 8 page spread on a 73’ TR6.

Good luck

Seen one advertised at over 18k euros! Looked nice, but,…not THAT nice. Wasn`t aware of that site so will give it a look. Thanks.

That explains a lot! Ta. But I still think some ads (Merc 1989 diesel with 450,00km at over 2,000 euros private sale) are made more in hope than expectations!

I understand garages in the UK have to offer a 3 month warranty too, (and saying "trade sale" is not enough to find exemption), but I wonder how good any guarantee really is? Some traders will go kicking and screaming all the way to the doors of a Small Claims Court before making any reasonable offer of repair etc. I don`t know but imagine French traders are much the same? Hope I never have to find out.

E bay UK listed as IN FRANCE, FRENCH REGISTERED will command a far better price than a rhd uk reg example.

As for car prices, garages have to give a guarantee, pay 53% tax on profit so to make 500€ profit have to charge + € 1000, then out of that 500 profit they need to allow some for a waranty claim, they usually do the cambelt and have to CT, and often pay for the CG at the prefecture, which on its own would be 500€ ish, so there profit,preperation costs are € 1000 + 53% for tax office = 2000€ mark up over a private sale !

Selling in the UK would be ridiculous - they are worth much more here. You do know there's a french Triumph club? See

Someone on there was in November selling a GT6 for 13,000€


Contact me direct with a price for your car ?

Youre quite right that any car is only worth what someone is prepared to pay, and the common belief is its more in the spring-time and least just before christmas.
As my GT6 is French reg I think its best to try it here first rather than go to the trouble and expense of shipping it UK and re-registering it there. Without UK plates and the chance to see it "in the flesh" I dont think it1ll attract much interest in the UK now. Here it does have more of a rarity cachet, in fact Ive never seen another on the road, and only a few advertised, and those all being RHD too. Well, I can keep it in my dry, warm (the boilers there) garage til easter-tme before considering buying a ferry ticket or putting it on a trailer.

Thanks for the reply. I think youre right that MGs are much better known over here. The few GT6s Ive seen are all RHD, although there seems a fair few Spitfire LHDs around. Im going to try and sell here first; especially after getting all that paperwork done, but being RHD theres always the option of selling UK if no joy.
Im not in a rush to sell, but now Ive bitten the bullet and decided to sell I can do without the car winking at me and trying to get me to change my mind!


I dont know,about Triumphs - my son sold one in France and did not get much for it but MGB’s and Porche seem to command a good price.