Classic Cars: Number Plates etc

After a question on another drifting thread… to which I have replied

I’m putting the reply again… here… so it can be found more easily…

I stopped by and spoke with my pal…a semi-retired Garagiste

YES I saw that he has a lovely “F” plaque on the bootlid of his classic 2CV… :+1:

He explained, no need for stars or such stuff (as per the modern immatriculations)… just something suited to the age of the car… (and the owner’s pocket)
His F plaque is completely separate from the classic black number plate which is way down below…

So, Just to be clear:
He confirmed that YES it IS necessary for French registered classic cars (CGCollection) to have a “country-identifying” badge… when driving out of France.

However, should the owner of a “registered classic” (CGCollection) … choose NOT to have the simple, black (classic) number plate… then the modern plate must conform and bear all the information just as it would for any modern car…
which will include the country-identifying F encircled by stars (LHS) and Department info (RHS)…

( @aerobat you might find this interesting… you did ask about your lovely Wolseley.)

Thanks for the info and interest. Another almost unknown French law for voiture de collection is that you are not required to show the CT étiqueter in the windscreen.

Absolutely… nothing must mar the beauty of our cars… :hugs:

ct rules.docx (105.4 KB)

Have you joined a local car club ???

there’s bound to be something in your area…

The CT regs make that clear -

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A useful link for anyone with a classic car…

A useful weekly publication… La Vie de l’Auto on sale every Thursday…

Any of you classic car owners recommend an insurance company ?

I was also very surprised to hear recently that cars over 30 years old only need a CT every 5 years instead of the obligatory 2 years. @Mark_Rimmer perhaps you could help to confirm, just to make sure no misunderstanding :+1:

Only those that have a carte grise de collection. If they are over 30 years old but still have a carte grise normale then they are subject to the same rules as newer cars.

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Let’s not forget the CT needed when the carte grise de collection Vehicle changes hands… just like for newer/normal vehicles…

Only if they are younger than 1960 & weigh less than 3.5 tons. Pre 1960 cars de collection do not need another CT ever.
Vehicles de collection greater than 3.5 tons do not need a CT at all.

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Obviously things have changed … we were told our old one would need a CT if we sold, for changing the ownership on the carte grise…


This is the situation currently -

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that’s a relief… :+1:

Didn’t want to start a new thread, so posted here.

Was sipping a pastis in the Place Champollion in Figeac last weekend when I heard an enormous engine roar - briefly thought it was some middle-aged Harley biker showing off as he went up the mediaeval lane from the square, but then realised it was something deeper and much louder (much smellier too - how the world smelt a century ago?). Then, one by one, all these amazing Bugattis went past, over a hundred of them, checking in at the square, then revving up to climb the hill out of town. As each car accelerated up the hill, the sound of its engine echoed around the streets


An amazing experience - however the biggest cheer of the morning was for M la Poste who was going up the hill in between the Bugattis on his electric bike


My first experience of Bugattis en masse… was at Angoulême many years ago.

As you say, glorious sound…
But that first experience left me with the lasting impression that Bugatti folk are maniacs :rofl:… nice, friendly folk but absolute maniacs. :rofl: :rofl:

We were enjoying the traditional Saturday rally… heading into the countryside for lunch… and I was flinching, as these glorious machines overtook anything/everything in their path… hurled themselves around blind bends etc… squeezing through, and into, gaps which shouldn’t really have accommodated them… and yet… they (and the rest of us) arrived at our destination unscathed.

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