Classic French Paints

(Martin Allen) #1

Help, please.

We are about to start accruing the paints etc to paint the sitting room. This morning we found ourselves pouring over the F&B paint card in readiness for our return to the UK for Christmas. Why are we buying UK paints that match the classic French colours and textures? We’ve done Brico Depot, Tridome, Carfour etc and can’t find anything other than the run of the mill colours. Does anyone have any recommendations for an outlet that still produces those classic French totally flat paints?

(David GAY) #2

Very good paints available as matte acrylic. All paints colours are in fact standardised despite what fancy names Fand B give them.

(Dominique Rogers) #3

I Thought that Mr Bricolage (Marmande) had a very good selection, they also do colours on demand.

(Catharine Higginson) #4

Why wouldn't you buy in the UK esp. as you are going there? Sorry I fail to see the question?