Classic vehicle portrait paintings

Have a fantastic Christmas present of your or a loved one's classic vehicle - just time to order! Modern classics or classic classics, they are painted in acrylic gouache. Sizes vary and a small A3 size painting costs from 185€ depending on the vehicle. Larger sizes by quotation. Other vehicles including motorbikes available. More on

Chrysler PT cruiser. Customised by our local pizza restaurant owner, with chateau d’Pau and pic du midi in the background.

Citroen Big 15 in Pau.

Slinging? There's not a hint of expressionism there Jason!

No Neil we haven't set our dish up yet and are in no hurry,i'd rather be in my studio slinging paint ;-)

Jason, sir, you are a heathen! Classic vehicles should NOT be besmirched by vulgar Americanisms! Did you see the E-Type restoration on Channel 5 last night?

Thanks Ron. I'm working on my neighbour's Pontiac Firebird V8 at the moment.

They look great Neil,i really like the Traction,i'm hankering after one to hot rod,they just cry for a V8 and open pipes ;-)

Great stuff Neil. The Porsche layout is superb.