Clean beauty products

A while ago someone posted about a company they use which provides clean / solid skin care. I think it might have been @JJones?

I did save the link for Christmas shopping purposes but needless to say, I can’t find it now! Anyone recall this? Please?!!

Yves Rocher?

Ethique, but currently not delivering ‘cos of covid… (I have a friend in NZ who sends to me…hugely un-environmental but the solid shampoo I’ve tried here from places like BioCoop has left my hair feeling like string.

Thank you!

You can get Neals Yard in France, but I am not sure what is happening due to Covid.
Try Google.

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Aha - that explains why having found the link it was NZ only and I thought I’d got the wrong site! Have signed up to be notified when they can start shipping from the UK etc.

Or you can order them online from Holland and Barratt in UK for £7.95 delivery…