Cleaner, gardener, child minder, elderly care, shopping, car cleaning, dog walking, animal sitting, housework, ironing and so on

Hi I’m located in Dept 56 but willing to travel. Is there anything I can help you with each week or each month on a relatively regular basis? Cleaning, Gardening, Animal care or walking dogs, cleaning out animals, bathing animals, elderly person care, shopping etc. Even if it’s for an hour or 2. (Please feel free to forward this to friends). Huge thanks in advance😊


maybe be a little more specific on where you are, you could be an 45 mins or two hours from me, if you are near a border you might be 5 mins from someone in another region, i am looking for someone for wednesday afternoons to involve general nanny duties from 13:30 till 6pm, but am near Vitre in 35, and would want references as it involves childcare.

Hi. I live 2 hrs from Vitre. So I would do this journey but would ask - for 4.5 hrs work 45 euros. And for the 4 hours travel 45 euros (25 for fuel and 20 for time). So as long as 90 euros would be viable for you? I can provide references and I gave an upto date DBS check from the UK. This is for a Care Agency that employs me. Kind regards. Kelly

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This is why i suggested a more exact location, at 45 for the work very interested, your rate is below what i was expecting to pay, but including travel, it just pushes it into the unmanageable, sorry.

have you tried contacting local camping municipales, gites and the like, the season is coming to end but i know alot of them like to have a good clean down before winter, may tide you through till more regular work comes along and if the price is right alot will let you work to your own schedule on a fixed price when the work is complete

No problem. I understand.

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