Cleaning Allibert sun-lounger cushions thoroughly

We’ve got the Allibert long recliners by the pool and unfortunately the cushions that come with the recliners have non-removable covers. Anyone any suggestions please as to how to clean them thoroughly? Sadly, a wipe-over with a damp cloth won’t do it. I’ve water marks and grease marks from suntan lotion.

(I’d hoped to have replaced them all by this summer, but “money’s too tight to mention” this year, so I’m trying to manage with what I’ve already got, so would much appreciate some ideas - thanks)

Nothing is being replaced here either! I’ve just made slip covers out of old curtains for a couple of fabric loungers where the stitching was giving way…ugly, but safe and can wash them.

My go-to solutions for stains are:

  1. k2r détachent- it’s a weak hydrogen peroxide so ok for fast fabric, test on a corner corner first

  2. White vinegar 7%

  3. A paste of bicarb

In extremis I have also had success with mousse type carpet cleaner (young child pee’d everywhere on non-washable upholstery).

I’ve always been happy with this in cars and now my wife uses it on interior upholstery,ÅMÅŽÕÑ&ref=nb_sb_noss

Thanks both of you. I’ll start with yours Ray, because we’ve got some in the garage then if that doesn’t work, I’ll move on to yours Jane. :smiley: :smiley: