Clearfox 5EH septic tank


Has anyone any experience with the septic tank 5EH product from Clearfox?


Actually John, there are half a dozen others including the WPL Diamond, but this brochure is the best overall for ideas like prices. There is nothing to be saved importing though because the subvention only comes with French receipts as ever :-( But it comes out square without UK or German imports that cost delivery and some...

Don't over look the WPL Diamond either, it maybe your list isn't bang up to date Brian but when I looked at these they were a doddle for self install and maintenance is lower than many competitors. The air pump is located away from the unit making it clean to look after rather than in situ and mucky.

Only reason i didn't go ahead was the change to main drainage

Take a look at the brochure on

I has all of the systems you might consider. We are looking toward a time when we too will install a microstation, which the Clearfox is. The Clearfox is one of the ones approved here, it is listed as Kingspan Biodisc (Biodisc BA 5EH). There are several more approved now. Our local SPANC inspector, with whom my OH is friendly, says that this district certainly approves them and that she has seen quite a few as replacements for conventional fosses. Check locally with your SPANC though, since we know of another district not far away where they are not approving them.

Are you talking septic tank or micro station as that 5EH also happens to correspond with the WPL Diamond 5EH which is certified for use in France although I know of one company in Brittany who were installing in France before WPL got approval naughty naughty!