Clearing pool

We have a problem linked to the clearing of the dead algae, but we get over that with treatment, hoovering and backflushing the sand filter on a regular basis, our problem is with staining, which may have been caused by algae in the first place. The brown stuff from the Sahara that arrived in the dust, I have been given to believe, not the normal green stuff.

The pool is grp and is near enough 3.5 m wide x 6.0 m long and 1.7m deep at the deep end. It has a dimpled surface and scale has filled in the pits and is stained brown, which makes it look dirty even when it is not.

My latest attempt to remove this was by adding descaler and using an aluminium brush rather than the normal nylon or whatever rubbish they are using these days. The bristles fall out of the plastic brushes with regular monotony, whether due to UV action or the chlorine is unknown, but more than likely due to poor materials and place of manufacture. These then get caught in the pre-filter in the skimmer box and stab your fingers when cleaning it out. OUCH!!

This new regime is working to a certain extent and we now have patches which look clean and blue rather then mottled blue and brown/black. It would be lovely to have it sparkling, which the water is, and actually looking clean.

The 'person' we purchased from had the bright idea of draining the pool, as a lovely shade of green at the time, much resembling Lincoln Pea Soup, and left it to the elements for several months before we completed the purchase, and the deep end has never recovered fully from this where the rain and everything else stained the plastic and even pressure washing and scrubbing with Flash etc. prior to the refill never fully got rid of that.

All constructive ideas on cleaning the pool up as opposed to just the water itself will be welcomed.

Hi John,

I will get back to you a bit later as have had to do a rush quotation for someone who turned up at the Gite they had booked and in their words 'was uninhabitable' and that has meant what I had planned for earlier has been delayed but still needs doing before I can do to much on here. They have moved into a caravan but as they are the other side of Limoges I may have wasted my time as that is a 2.5 hours drive from here at Mirambeau.

Kind regards, Ian.

Dear Ian, cheers BTW, great photo, must change mine, done in a rush!

Please be careful with too much and too vigorous scrubbing, you could begin to damage the gel coat on the GRP.

The fines that arrived in the Sarah sand have been an issue for a lot of people as they can pass through a lot of filters. On the subject of filters what have you got?

The other point I am picking up on is you mentioned some scale, I can't see that clearly from your photos but i would be more inclined to dissolve any scale with a mild acid.