ClickImpôts Tax Software

Does anyone use the ClickImpôts software to file their tax returns? I was wondering whether it is worthwhile particularly with regard to it advising which tax scheme to use for foreign dividend income.

I had a copy about fifteen years ago when it cost about 40€. I didn’t think it was worth renewing. It is now 119€ for the Premier version but you would need to make sure that covers all your needs and you don’t need an even more expensive version… If it is just a small amount of foreign dividend income, I doubt it is worth it given the free advice available here.

Foreign dividend income - gained in which country???

For declaring in which country???

(just need to clarify your situation … 'cos declaring this has been discussed quite a bit in the past (if I recall correctly) and I’m trying to locate and paste here if it is pertinent)

Does your income change wildly from year to year? As if not then once you have the routine it should all be helped now by the online system.

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UK dividend income declared in France

Ah… there’s definitely a spot for just that… :+1:

Just wondering… will this be your first Declaration??

Imposition des dividendes 2021 : comment remplir sa déclaration 2022’%C3%A9tranger.