Climate Change 2018 - have you adjusted to it

Many folk are changing their way of working… to fit in with the changes they experience in their daily lives.

A problem for the vines here.
My cherries have had a miserable time this year and I wonder if I will see raspberries?
Clients are not enjoying the Monsson weather.
Swimming pools are not very well.
And of course it would be lovely tohave our summers back.

My fruit trees are having their best year ever. It might be because they are still fairly young but I’ve far more apples and cherries than ever before. The strawberries are working overtime too.
I’ve got visitors this week and their days have not been spoiled by the weather it has always turned out to be less aggressive than the forecasts suggested. They’ve walked into town to enjoy the market this morning as it’s much brighter than expected.

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It’s been a pleasant Spring here, much better than the predictions, we could do with rain, the ground is parched!

I would willingly package up some rain for you… :zipper_mouth_face:

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We’ve been watering to keep stuff alive for a while, the grass is scorched, but thats ok, less mowing :grinning:

Hi Bill… it is normally like that here… grass gets brown and only the weeds thrive… but this time around… yuk… squelch…

Sunny Provence has never ben so wet

4th summer here and we’re missing the hot and sunny weather. Normally we’ve moved to a downstairs bedroom to escape the heat. On the plus side we’ve got lots of black currants-they must like it wet, Raspberries just beginning to fruit and toms growing by the minute. Grass/weeds still green, lawnmower has never had so much use!

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I enjoy waiting to see what each year brings. This year I don’t mind the rain too much as the garden is thriving.