Climate/ecological breakdown

Jason Hickel’s “Less is More” book about the need for de-growth is currently on offer at Amazon for £0.99p. Looks like it covers social and ecological theme commented on by quite a few posters here.

I bought it, and I hope I won’t get too angry (or sad) reading it

On my wish list is “The real Anthony Fauci” by RFK jr……

That will be an unbiased book then :wink::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


If you’re replying to me then I shall let you know :grinning:

A few hurdles to jump through first as I’m unable to order from Amazon…

Only one member of our family has kindle

(For a few days I think until Monday…you can download for 2.99 dollars…)

Edited to add that I would really like the hard copy…the actual book with pages I can turn….I’ve never really warmed to digital books and that might be perceived as a waste of trees but I can hope that any hard copy is from sustainable forests….

(As an aside my mum in U.K. is with octopus energy…in one of the last emails from them there was an analysis of trees….I’ll try and find it and report back :grinning:)

Can’t find it, but I said in a previous post about climate change, that “it’s too bloody late” but after reading an opinion article in the Guardian/The Long Read by Rebecca Solnit, I think maybe I’ve been put in my place!

….those who come after will look back on the age of fossil fuel as an age of corruption and poison. The grandchildren of those young now will hear horror stories about how people once burned great mountains of poisonous stuff dug up from deep underground that made children sick, birds die, the air filthy, and the planet heat up.

It is a longish read and is well worth reading for some, like me, and as David Attenborough said “if we act now, we can yet put it right”.

Not sure though how I can act except by doing my bit and passing on opinions, such as his and this one.

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Yes - I found this article pretty good Bonzocat.
To be honest I always feel optimistic - though I’m sometimes puzzled as to why!

Important article here too:

I first noticed ‘eco-fascism’ a few years ago in Italy’s 5-Star movement - clearly it’s growing, and will continue to do so unless the left and centre can get together to actually tackle the problem (a tall order, since it requires the centre to ditch capitalism, at least in it’s current ‘western’ form).

I am of the optimistic breed, too, though my gut reaction is pessimistic. But I am aware of that, so optimism will always eventually prevail, albeit with lots of frustration!

Thanks for the article - can’t read it at the moment - having difficulty logging in! Passwords!

WM not working this morning so went to the 24hr launderette in town to do my washing. While there I read the final few pages of David Attenborough’s book ‘A Life on Our Planet’.

So decided, following on from my posting of the introduction to his book, to add his conclusion, for anyone interested.

Homo sapiens, the wise human being, must now learn from its mistakes and live up to its name. We who are alive today have the formidable task of making sure that our species does so. We must not give up hope. We have all the tools we need, the thoughts and ideas of billions of remarkable minds and the immeasurable energies of nature to help us in our work. And we have one more thing – an ability, perhaps unique among the living creatures on the planet – to imagine a future and work towards achieving it.

Attenborough.docx (16.2 KB)


Won’t ring a none uk number as call charges aren’t acceptable for the practice

“Sometimes, people get cross with me – they think I’m being mean – but the way I see it is I’m trying to break the cycle of mindless consumerism. The shops are full of tat and it’s sad knowing it’s all going to end up in landfill.”



Thats all clothing of the top then.

4 emails from Amazon advertising black Friday.

Yes, I wouldn’t disagree one bit, how to get a knighthood, play the game according to our rules Mr Attenborough, and we love him…
583 fossil fuel lobbyist at COP26 another lunch club for the privileged.

Reuters: Wind power risks becoming too cheap, says top turbine maker.