Climate shaming is not working

I am exhausted from being beaten over the head by articles in the media (and on SF) from scientists and the like about how dire things are. I KNOW.
I have given up reading / listening / watching because I am constantly being made to feel powerless.
Do the Cassandras of the world not realise?
It’s like fat-shaming. It doesn’t work.
I need to know what to do. Small, silly, little things like putting buckets in my shower - thanks @JaneJones. I’ve just bought 10 buckets. We have four showers 2 in the house, two in the gite. That’s a lot of saved water and I feel good about it. :slight_smile:
Day in, day out, I need to be told what I personally can do, so I feel good about it
I cannot stop Bolsonaro from burning down the Amazon but I can put buckets in a shower.


I am just wondering how I make room in the shower for a bucket. :thinking:

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Stand in it. :slight_smile:


You know that all of the original Cassandra’s prophesies came to pass, right?

I watched the final part of the BBC 2 prog about the oil and gas industry in the US last night and quite honestly no matter any individual does is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

The best you can do is to limit your own expenditure for energy etc where possible and enjoy the rest of your life.


Yes of course. But the point is no one listened. If someone communicates doom and gloom all the time no one will listen. The whole point is giving solutions other wise the reaction all the time is like Tim’s

Which of course let’s everyone off the hook.


You as an individual can make all the required changes to mitigate climate change but it’s pointless if the rest of the world doesn’t follow suit. Do you honestly believe that Harry and Megs are going to stop using a private jet which in a single flight will likely pollute the planet more than you’ll do in a year?

Do what you can but don’t bankrupt yourself doing it or live like a hermit.


Sue, I try to live with what my conscience is comfortable with, that means reducing my waste, carbon footprint, growing responsibly and organically and reducing plastics for starters. Will I change the world?, no, but I can live knowing I cared enough to try and I guess that’s all we can do.


We did our first water harvest from the washing machine yesterday, and it felt great to have 5 large containers of hardly-grubby-at-all water that we could use without any guilt.

Why we’ve never thought of this before beats me! Hardly takes much effort, although since we don’t have 50litre buckets and couldn’t carry them even if we did, we do have to swap containers over.

But I am now in the mindset that as long as we are comfortable with what we do, then I can try not to get wound up about things I can’t influence. I use my consumer purchasing power as carefully as I can, and try to be mindful of the environment in everything we do. I’ve done my time lying down in Parliament Square, and Greenham Common. So someone else’s turn.


Well I haven’t got the biggest feet in the world but I can tell you that I certainly haven’t got a bucket anywhere nearly big enough to accommodate them. Never mind trying to balance without falling over and putting increasing pressure on the health services. If the solution for that is buy a bigger bucket, probably plastic, what kind of message is that to send to the world already knee deep in it?

And if the point of the exercise is to water the garden, or kill greenfly, then that is a non-starter here. As I have said before a natural garden finds its own level with what it has and I have no intention of messing with nature. Including the greenfly, who feed the ladybirds and other species.

Messing with nature is something the Australians realised years ago when their country became awash with cane toads and rabbits etc…


Felt good to be watering my few plants tonight… with water recycled from potatoes and pasta… finally got the watering can to a reasonable level.

I wash lettuce in a bowl of tap water and keep it for topping up the bird-bowls/dishes.
I’m not sure if my feathered friends (or whatever) would appreciate starchy potato water… perhaps someone can tell me…

The teapot gets emptied onto the rose outside the backdoor…
Actually, I think I’m turning into my Gran… as I remember her doing that sort of thing… :rofl:

OH has promised to provide a bucket for the shower… I had a small one which was a waste of time… (the bucket, not the shower…) :wink:

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I think buckets instead of showers is where it’s going. I’m considering investing our life savings in deodorant futures, that’s once I get it out of crypto.

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Ha ha… actually my Dad did teach us kids how to have a proper… really good, washdown… every morning. (Friday night was bathnight with a kid at each end…)

Showers might well become reduced to once a week, instead of the daily (and often twice daily) which many folk prefer currently.

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All this talk of buckets has made me think of

Good old Hawkwind :clap::clap::partying_face:

I look at actions we can take to change our own lifestyles much like @Debby_Wade - but by far the most important thing we can do is political: vote for parties that promise radical action on the environment, help fund them, find local groups of activists and support them however you can.


The song’s not actually by Hawkwind. The albums a compilation of songs from other artists as well. The song I quoted was by Inner City Unit, which admittedly did have Nick Turner from Hawkwind in the band.

I had to listen very carefully before I made out the word was bucket! Then scroll back to see the connection, if any :rofl:

I loved Hawkwind and indeed the whole prog rock thing. I was living in Ladbroke Grove with many (quite well off) pals in squats in unused Government buildings in elegant Georgian squares. Strange days.

Wide flat rubber-type buckets and trays used by plasterers and the like are available in DIY’s. “Auge” is one word for this type of bucket or tray I think. Many are square, there are round ones too and they are quite solid. There are also similar trays around in plastic for various purposes but actually the heft and rubberiness of the plasterer’s/mortarer’s ones may be safer in the shower.

They would not be particularly portable if more than a little full but I am sure that with care they can be decanted over the corners into buckets especially when partially full then buckets filled to whatever is easy to carry, taken outside.

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