Climbing Roses

I am looking for a rose to grow up the front wall of my house. Ideally I would like a red or pink one but above all I want it to be beautifully perfumed. Can anyone suggest the best place to go or recommend one for me? I am in 35 near Pontorson.

Pierre de Ronsard is a pink and beautifully perfumed old rambling rose. You can get it from any good nursery. My favourite rambler is Zephirin Drouhin, thornless, highly perfumed, but susceptable to black spot, needs treating during the season. Mine has been going happily for 20 years. David Austin roses has an outlet in France, contact them on line; I use them a lot as I adore old roses. They will send you a catalogue in English and French.
Good luck
Maureen in Burgundy

Thank you, I want it to look good but really want an old fashioned strong perfume. Sounds good.

Thank you so much. I will have a look

David Austin Roses has a fantastic catalogue and post to France (I recently ordered from them to get a gift for French friends’ joint 60th) They’re not the cheapest but the selection is fantastic and the quality very good. The website and catalogue allow you to select by colour and fragrance and when I was choosing three for my friends the people on the phoneline (who are French speakers if you ring the special number for customers in France) were very helpful.

Thanks Dave I will have a look :slight_smile: