Climbing up the walls

Ever since baby Maisy arrived my 15 month old has discovered she can climb almost anything. She climbs on the sofa, pivot balances on the top just as I grab her by the leg and haul her back onto the cushions. She climbs on the side of the cot trying to get in or out on her own. She hangs on the side of the sink (we have those fashionable round sinks which sit proudly on the top of a nice marble slab) and she does pull ups before hanging there until I prise her fingers open and she drops off. But yesterday she excelled herself. She climbed onto her sister's high chair and sat there looking very pleased with herself as she reached across the dining table and drank Jasmine's water from her big girl sippy cup.

Luckily Jasmine was having her siesta so didn't see or else there would have been a riot.

BUT then she got a bit cocky and began to swing her legs and guess what - she dropped off spectactularly. All of this happened whilst I was videoing her and laughing at her cheekiness. She went head first, it was like one of those You've Been Framed moments where you can't believe the parents were so stupid for letting it happen. Well this was my stupid moment. She landed head first on the rug I threw the camera on the floor to try to catch her she bounced.

Her head appears to be made of rubber, this child is always bumping, bashing, whacking her head and each time she just bounces. My heart was in my stomach again, I felt like a bad mother. I knew Darren would go absolutely mad that I'd let this happen but this time I was incredibly lucky. She bounced. There won't be a next time, this climbing monkey needs to learn the meaning of the word DOWN and I've learnt it's not funny - the consequences could have been so different.

I have so much to learn, I need to set boundaries and this appears to be one of the first. There will be many more to follow I'm sure.

What was the stupidist parenting moment you've had?

Apart from not strapping Shaun into his buggy while I was clearing out the yard so of course he was happily rocking backwards and forwards and overtipped straight onto a metal pipe? It missed his eye by literally an inch.

I don't know if it was stupidity or ignorance but he fell (was pushed) from a climbing frame two years ago and landed on the spongey matting. After he calmed down from the shock by having a very large strawberry icecream he was fine. Played in the bath, went shaking a tin the next morning collecting money with the scouts, no problems, zilch. About 6 hours into the 2nd day I looked at him and he wasn't using his arm properly so I thought he's busted a ligament, I'll get him checked out. I took one look at the x-ray and burst into tears - his 2 forearm bones were both completely snapped in half. A doctor was almost yelling "How could you not know!!" at me which of course made me feel even better. The doctor grabbed Shaun's (broken) arm and kept pushing and poking. "Does that not hurt?". "No". Doctor looks at me "How does he do that?". "The same way I never knew it was broken". So I promise, not complete stupidity but excrutiating guilt complex. Needless to say, 2 months after the plaster cast came off and he tripped up in the school playground the teachers were horrified that I was going to 'bother' the hospital getting it checked. Yep, broken in half again. We learn fast. The situations are horrible, but at least we learn.