Clint Eastwood's bizarre speech

What's going on here?

Bizarre, it's time he retired! What was he thinking?

I'm disappointed with him he made a statement a few weeks ago sort of supporting same sex marrage, he more or less said he couldn't care less who married who and now he is supporting a party who would rather gay people didn't exist (polite version). I saw a clip on the tv last nigh tand don't really want to watch any more.

I watched the news version earlier today. The 'dialogue' with Obama is bizarre to say the least. The man should be placed in a safe rocking chair on a balcony somewhere and left. Somebody who was really somebody once should not be made to perform a parody of himself. But then the Republican campaign is entirely weird.

His one saving grace is that his son Kyle is a pretty good jazz bassist!
He’d better not keep scratching his head or he might end up with Rawhide! (bum…bum!)

I have to admit I just watched the first few seconds and felt sad.

You know we all get a little"odder " when we get older...

@Barbara..........I agree, he is a long time hero of mine.................go ahead punk, make my day.

well I liked Clint Eastwood as an actor and still do ,But here is a thought for you who is Clint Eastwoods biological farther ? to me he looks more and more like Stan Laural from Laural and Hardy fame more as he gets older there is a point at the begining of this clip where he scratches his head in the same sort of way almost as if to say` thats another fine mess you have got me into Mr President `...

He was born in 1930.

He was a very handsome man who acted and directed more films than

we opened cans of heinz baked beans.

Maybe it is time he gave up the speaches but there many people out there

who are happy just to see him on a stage.

Strange thing is James, there are bits I enjoy and bits I just cringe like he's just lost it. I can't make up my mind if I like it or not?