Clocks forward or back... or will we change them at all?

The European Parliament is to debate whether or not to continue with the changing of the clocks… one hour forward in Spring… one hour back in Autumn… or leave them alone…

What do you think… ??

put the clocks back an hour every day…then we would all get older more slowly … ha ha ha


I’m all for leaving well alone, saves me having to work out how to change my (seemingly very complicated) watch😭

ha ha… one of my clocks is very sensitive (like me)… I can pop it forward one hour without messing the chimes… but trying to go forward 11 hours (1 hour back)… well, that is awful and has the most bizarre effect on the chimes…:zipper_mouth_face:

I’ve tried not-winding the chimes bit…before moving the hands… but that is not always helpful…and sometimes it can take me a few weeks/months to get this on a proper footing… :hugs:

I’m all for leaving it alone ! No trouble with changing my clock though, it’s one of those radio wave controlled ones that changes itself :slight_smile:

I’m all for Western France moving to GMT as it happens - Brittany really doesn’t fit in Central European Time.

I usually warn our gites guests - mainly from the UK - that the hottest part of the day here in Brittany is not usually the middle, but late afternoon!

OMG if only we dont have to change our clocks. Just decide to keep the same hour world wide.q

We should scrap the concept of changing clocks - with so many devices with clocks on it is such a waste of time.

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