Thanks, all

a sponger!!! what the heck i'm sorry but to classing yourself as a sponger is just not right.

that must make me the biggest sponger in the world, my husband also french works, i don't work, i don't recieve any kind of income.

I moved her because my husband wanted to, i moved here because i have followed him around the world , i have given him three child, i have worked in most countries we have lived in so for me to let him take care of our family is not something i will ever let anyone make me feel guilty for.

Be careful Emily because going back "home" when you have children is very hard emotionally > I truly wish you the best of luck, try to put things in boxes emotionally sometimes it doesn't help trying to look at the big picture.

Emily I have sent you a friend request and if you give me your phone number I would call you right away.

You are doing your best.

Hi Emily

Really sorry to hear that. I'm at home most of tomorrow (not doing enough work either as that is how it goes when you are freelance...!) if you want to call me for a chat or just a good old moan.


Have sent you friend request to 'talk' privately.