Closing down Auto Entrepreneur

(Leigh Priest) #1

Hi all

I'm hoping for some help / advice please.

I'm trying to close down my husbands auto entrepreneur business online. I've clicked on 'Cesser Definitivement votre Activite' and then I get a drop down menu 'Domaine d'Activite' and not one of the choices gives me the area of work I need, so now I'm stuck as to what to do. They all seem to focus on a few very particular trades and he was just doing small general house repairs.

Thank you,in anticipation of a genius reading this :)

(John Scully) #2

Oh. I was obviously more inactive than I thought :slight_smile:

(Leigh Priest) #3

Hi Andrew

It doesn't have the option for 'I don't know my activity', and that's why I'm I really have no clue what to do next............

aaargh I just realised the list scrolls further than appears, I couldn't see the narrow bar on the right so I didn't realise, I do feel stupid now.

Well not so stupid because it only allows me to close it down in Alencon....why is it always so difficult !!

Thanks for your help anyway.

(Andrew Hearne) #4

after two years, John ;-)

Leigh - just select the nearest activity in the list, it's pretty large ;-) if you really can't fit into one of them then scroll down to the bottom and select the last possibility - je ne connais pas mon domaine d'activité print the whole thing off once it's filled out and send off as described. I did so over three years ago, after 4 years as an autoentrepreneur, and the whole thing was done very quickly and efficiently - rare in French admin and so much simpler and more efficient than the mainstream régimes :-(

(John Scully) #5

If you indicate zero income on your quarterly returns for a year I think they’ll automatically dump you.

(Peter Thompson) #6

The automatic exit of the device of the micro-entrepreneur

The output of the device is automatic in case:

  • excedance thresholds applicable to the tax regime of the micro-enterprise (170 000 € or 70 000 € depending on the activity performed). In this case, the benefit of the simplified micro-social scheme is maintained until 31 December of the year of overrun, but the option for the levy of the tax on income ceases retroactively to 1 January of the year of overtaking;
  • option for a real tax regime;
  • declaration of a new out-of-scope activity of the device;
  • absence of turnover for 24 calendar months or 8 consecutive calendar quarters.

If the micro-entrepreneur leaves the system, but wishes to continue his activity, he no longer benefits from the simplified micro-social scheme and his contributions are then calculated according to the rules of common law (according to his turnover).