Cloudy pool

Any tips on managing a Desjoyaux pool, please? I’ve recently taken on looking after one at a holiday house, let out by the week, but I’m finding it difficult to keep it sparkling clean. And now it’s cloudy again! Or at least, milky.

The chemical balance is broadly OK - chlorine 3, pH 7.2, CyA 40, etc.

While the place is let I tend to use a 20 micron filter bag that I clean every 3-4 days, filtering for about 7-8 hours per day. I also have 10 and 5 micron bags for when I am there and can clean more often, as they block up quite quickly. But conventional cleaning doesn’t seem to work well for suspended particles, they seem to just pass through the bag, even when using flocculent.

My best method to date, developed following an algae problem when opening, has been to vacuum flocculated particles to waste, using a long hose and water pressure method , but it’s difficult and time-consuming to organise each Saturday changeover.

Surely it shouldn’t be getting so cloudy? Perhaps I should be running the filter longer, but it is noisy for guests. Perhaps there is still algae left over from spring? And surely there is a better way to clear it? Any thoughts, please, or recommendations for good sources of information.

Bit out of practice on this now but when we had responsibility for a pool at a holiday gite, we worked on the basis that you should run the filtration system for 1 hour a day per 10 degrees of temperature at least, and it should be during the day (as opposed to the night time).

Which would they prefer? an imperfect pool or a bit of noise associated with the filtration process? In the summer, that can be at least 4 hours a day (and probably more)…

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We run ours more than four hours. Doesn’t sound enough to me. We run ours from 9am to 7pm about 45 minutes every hour over that time. Our pool’s temperature is currently 30° and is pristine and I’m not sure the noise matters that much to them. When there are teenagers there (we don’t take younger than) the noise they make more than blocks out any pump noise. :slight_smile:
If it’s just adults usually they are reading and / or immersed in Whatsap / their own music / their phones and again if it’s running most of the day it just becomes white noise. Also, many of our guests come from places that are much noisier than we are - neighbours / street noise / their own family. They can’t believe how “peaceful” it is here!


sounds lovely… I’m on my way… :slight_smile:

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I was told to divide the pool temperature by 2 and run the punp for that number of hours: 30° = 15 hours :wink:


Andrew above is right, pool temperature divided by two for running time. All the pools I am looking after are now running 16 hours a day to be on the safe side. Do you know what your Total Alkalinity is? That may be making the water cloudy even though your pH is correct. We have a Desjoyeaux pool at home and it took about six weeks to get it clear. I hate them with a vengance. Fine when they are good but a devil when they aren’t.

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The trick is to find out how long it takes your pump to move the entire volume of your pool through your filtration system AKA “turnover time”

Please bear in mind that you’ve only filtered 37% of the water on the first turnover, 87% after the second and 94% after the third daily turnover.

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Thanks, pump will now be on longer. Alkalinity looks good.