C'mon gimme GAMMON!

I've been having lurid dreams about a gammon steak, with pineapple ring! In the market I saw a jambon escalope so I tried it, but no, not the same.

Is it possible does anyone know, do we have to ask the next visitor to bring some along (and is it a dreaded liquid or otherwise verboten)? I've seen here some place in the SW does it , Bulldog Bacon & Bangers, but we are in Herault so that's no good.


asked and answered!

Not the ongoing all involving discussion you really wanted, but perfect, Thanks

Get it here Steve http://www.epiceriebarenton.com/Bacon-Gammon_B24EPR.aspx

I have just placed an order, expecting delivery tomorrow!

Looking for a good gammon joint ,but cannot find a supplier in France, any suggestions please?

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House of commons terrace bar?

I did wonder if you or John S would be the first to mention them :rofl:

You beat me to it! Though I was thinking more of a Ford Transit Owner’s Club meeting in Essex. :smiley: :smiley:

No problem here in the SW anywhere near Eymet :grinning: As long as you’ve got (very) deep pockets. It’s sooo easy to make your own…gammon, back bacon etc etc. En plus it’s the real thing and doesn’t produce a litre of gungy froth when you cook it!


Any clues as to where one may find the instructions for making your own bacon/gammon?