CMU forms

(Karen Thomas) #1

I've got some forms through from the CMU (too many!) and I'm currently wading my way through.

One of them is relating to Choix de Lorganisme complementaire qui Gerera MA CMUC and it gives you the option of selecting A or B.

I'm finding Google Translate wanting in respect of translating this particular form but it appears that Option A is purely state funded medical top-up and Option B is via a Mutuelle?

If anyone else has dealt with this particular form could they shed some light on clarification - it might just be that it is a little too early in the morning to deal with this but all I'm getting is confused....

(Karen Thomas) #2

I don't know exactly how the new rules work but if they are like any of the others they will be dependant on income.

With the Assistante Sociale, I think it's like anything else - depends who you get. Saying that I think they must all be vaguely decent 'all rounders' - quite unlike anything we have in the UK at the moment where the system is fragmented beyond belief.

I was expecting 'less' from my assistante, not because I thought she wasn't any good but because I knew she didn't speak English - or, more to the point, I don't speak French (these days I can add 'well enough') but I tried to make up for it by taking everything she'd told me to take + some. I'd also made an effort with the forms I'd been directed to by the people on here and I knew from those forms that there were more specific things the AS might need - in the end all that was missing was a RIB slip and I took that in the next morning.

She got me my SS number immediately.

What I failed to realise at the time of course, was that because she had kicked a lot of stuff off, I was going to be deluged with even more paperwork (which I am now sitting under)

I know your experience wasn't too good, and I'm certain that not all people have miracle workers - but I really wish someone had told me about the AS service when I first got here. They aren't flustered by much and they deal with such a broad scope of work whether it be personal, health or registration, that they should be a first point of call when people need assistance. It's probably also an issue with the title which the Brits get confused with social workers - they aren't social workers in that context, they just lend a hand when you need it no matter what the situation.

Just editing to say Debra that although each organisation is responsible for their own dossiers, the AS can find out if there are problems or what hold ups are etc. Like I said with my SS number - she just made a call and got it straight away.

Just seen your post, Louise - thanks, I'll go with the La Ram thing!

(Louise Phillips) #3

If you're with the RAM like myself, I'd stick with them. Everything seems to run pretty smoothly with them + CMU. Equally, if you call them for an on-line PW, you can access all your reimbursements and admin through their website, as well as contact them with enquiries.

(Karen Thomas) #4

When I registered as an AE I chose La Ram on that form - does that mean I have to put it down again (but I haven't had any paperwork through from La Ram!)If only!

(and stop typing with your eyes closed ;-)

(Andrew Hearne) #5

from experience the cpam are only marginally better than the rsi, as are the msa, cipav probably are too but haven't had to deal with them !

s Debra has said, you've already chsen a mutuelle as an ae so stick with that one for simplicity (if simplicity is possible in france!)

(Karen Thomas) #6

From what I can gather life would have been a lot easier if I had been able to deal with CPAM! This lot of stuff is definitely from the RSI so it must be that paperwork depends on who you actually register with.

I'm doing a lot of sighing...

(Karen Thomas) #7

The reason I have the forms is that I met up with an Assistante Sociale last week - so she kicked off all the right stuff - but getting an appointment with her is not too easy.

I'm not CPAM, I'm RSI/AE, but I might try phoning their English speaking helpline today - I've no idea if at some point these institutions somehow cross paths.

I've just hit another problem anyway because one of the forms wants my banks to confirm savings accounts - not bad if you have only French bank accounts but then I've got the English side of things to cover...

The, sort of, good news is that I appear to have an SS number - but I think it's temporary because it's only 13 digits and from what I understand they should always be 15. Still, it's a number I didn't have previously!