CMU Registration?

I've just been reading a few other threads about health care and I see one suggesting that people register for CMU.

I've started the registration process and got my Siret and I'm waiting for other documentation to come through (although the Carte Vitale worries me since I see some people waiting up to 3 years for it!) but do I have to register independently with the CMU?

In fact will my health care be covered now I have started the process or do I have to wait for other bits of paper asking me for more bits of paper?

RSI probably, certainly they forked out a small fortune when I was ill. It depends on what your partner is earning whether you get anything else related to health, there again I am receiving 100% rather than 60% from RSI for two out of three things so get a bit of a 'privileged' cover. There again, I have in the past and now again am in even did whilst ill because I can work unless absolutely on my back. Have a good read through the Bs and Cs, but look carefully at the RSI details. It is all there and looking back over the last two and a half years would say that it is 'what it says on the packet'.

I had a peek this morning Terry and found a thread by 'Brian?' Anyway his thread seemed to confirm what Debra said but then I had got all my B's and C's confused so I landed on the wrong web page - and it was in French - and it was early.

Would I have to apply for CMU now, as in before I was ill, or do you apply for it if you need to when you get ill? That was what I couldn't make out from the webpage! I remember now.

Karen, go to Useful Links. The Health page has a lot of info on CMU, RSI, you name it. You could also check out the Autoentrepreneurs page.

Thanks, Debra.

I'd obviously got CMU B&C mixed up! What I saw on the other thread, that I now can't find, was that it does appear to be safer to apply for the CMU if you are in self employment. I think someone had racked up a fair amount of health costs after an accident and would have been liable to pay a goodly sum had they not had it.

My registration was as an AE and will therefore be La Ram/RSI?

I don't have children so the CAF isn't applicable, but I think if necessary I can still apply for the RSA if needs be with or without children.

I have to think of all these acronyms in terms of English Repetitive Stain Injury, Royal Society of Arts - I haven't found one for CPAM yet - but I don't come under their regimen so I don't have to worry!

You've put my mind at rest regarding the Carte Vitale.

Yes, I am active. But then I saw another thread that said if you earn under X amount you should apply for CMU.

Prior to that I thought the same as you.

It made me think that perhaps, because my registration process was not complete, that you had to apply for CMU until it was?

I am a little worried as to how long the full registration takes and how exposed you are during that period.


I ve finally got my CMU...but how will the Brexit effect this?