CO2 In the news again

Chlorine kills what it can in under a minute.
Anything not killed must be filtered out.
Sand doesn’t filter fine enough so you waste money/electricity recirculating dirt you are only catching the bigger stuff.
Too rapid filtration speed also breaks up trapped particles and recirculates them as well
People are focused on turnover rates but that’s nonsense if you are not actually removing the dirt etc from the water you are just recirculating it.
So you can afford to waste your money? You like handing €300 per season to EDF?
The cost doesn’t end there. Outside of your balance sheet is the world and the co2 production. The worlds oceans are becoming more acidic and on the present course will begin to see the see life dying by 2050.
The use of power is the production of co2 so we must use less power where we can in the case of a swimming pool this IMPROVES the water quality so it’s a benefit NOT a loss.
My pool setup according to a University co2 calculator is producing 128kg of co2 per season. A conventional pool of similar size 2056kg of co2 and Desjoyeux, Magiline etc using mono block filtration over 4000kg (that’s 4 tons) of co2 per season.
There are an estimated 1 million domestic pools in france, leaving out the unfortunate Desjoyeux and Magiline owners, if the rest switched to Eco it would save a colossal amount of co2
128,000 tons of co2 running Eco, VS 2million tons of co2 running as they are now.
It improves water quality.
It reduces chemical usage.
It saves money.
Using less electricity produces less co2.
Reduces the number of power stations and wind farms.

Hi Ian,

The pool industry is pretty basic in it's understanding of it's own subject. It hasn't evolved much since the 1950's

Same old energy consuming pumps same old errors. Fundamental errors are duplicated over an over so they have now become the standard and are not considered errors.

I tore up the book, started a fresh and with help from very clever people around the world laid down some better plans to achieve a better result on a fraction of the energy.

It would be nice to package this as an easy home install but for the moment that's not really possible as their are too many variables but using real calculations and known data, precise water flow can be calculated and the energy requirements tailored to suit. By using the most efficient parts available it is possible to cut a swimming pools electrical consumption by 90% and for Monoblocks like Desjoyaux, Magiline, Waterair and others 95% whilst achieving better results. The savings in electricity will pay for the conversion work after 2-3 seasons.

It starts with details and photos of your current setup, if you want to email me those to look at I can give you some feedback. send them to


Thank you for your post it is very interesting.

I'm new to this forum and new also to pool ownership. We have a 140 cubic meter pool here and last year's EDF bill was truly eye watering! When I took over the property I was told that we needed to achieve two circulations of water per day to keep the water in good order. After the shock from EDF I have been running the pump for 3 half hour periods in the day with the rest run between midnight and six on the cheap rate!

I'm well aware of our current carbon foot print and am hoping to be in a position of effectively being off grid within the next five years. You mention an Eco solution what is this?

Hi Ian,
A couple of years have passed by and I wondered how you have got on with lowering your pools electricity bill?
My work continues but I am converting more pools to low energy running as electricity prices continue to rise.
I can guarantee a 90% saving in electricity and often closer to 95%. With your plan to be off grid in two years I wondered how you were doing?