Coastal Erosion in France - time for wellies?

It’s incredible how many places are “at risk”… this first link talks about the Sud Ouest

but check the Legifrance link too… and work down towards the Annexe at the bottom to find the table which gives the Towns/Departments etc…
this is just a taster.

My wife wants a sea view house for the next move. Found one a few miles in land, I said wait a few years and youll have a sea view :wink:


Wait a few more years and it will be an under-sea view :rofl:

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That was the crack that Trump made a few weeks ago when he was dissing climate change and sea levels rising, "One hundredth of an inch ! - but we’ll have more seafront properties ! "

Yes Trump wrote my speech :flushed:

Wellies. We are so lucky to have this word for these boots. Of course, the last thing the French would call them would be wellies …

I couldn’t be doing with wellies from Carre4 at €25/pr. Then Lidl had them on one of their daily specials at €10 - bottes de pluie.