Coating for roof beams

Hello All
I have recently finished sand blasting the roof beams in one of my rooms (previous owners had decided to paint them a delightful shade of battleship gray), and I’m looking for advice on what to coat them with. Both ‘Lasseur’ and ‘Saturateur’ have been suggested by others and I would welcome any advice from members who have done this sort of project before.

I want to keep the beams looking as natural as possible, while giving them some protection against dirt build up, etc.

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They look great! I would use an oil, maybe a mix of linseed and turpentine (not white spirit). It is always a good idea to spray with a wood treatment first though - something like xylophene but make sure you have PPE.

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Unfortunately you have already “treated” the beams by having them blasted and turning them ‘new’. We did nothing with ours other than treating with xylophene. They are easy to dust and have a natural look.


I use boiled linseed oil as it dries a lot quicker, a mix of 50/50 solution of boiled linseed oil and turpentine.
Use a brush making sure you apply a good amount to the surface, not just a light coat, then the boiled oil will penetrate quite deep into the wood and soak in quite quickly.
If when you have done a section the surface is still shiny/sticky, wipe off the excess so you get a good finish, try to use quite a large folded cloth and don’t wash it just let it dry naturally.

Hello All, thank you for the replies and advice.

Colin, how long does the boiled Linseed oil mix take to dry and does it darken the wood much? Also, is only one coat needed, and if so, do you have to re-coat over time?

+1 linseed and turpentine

Sorry I had not noticed this, I put on 3 light coats wiping off in-between coats, leaving it a day in-between coats, it did not darken it appreciably and we recoated after 3 years with another coat, we added vinegar as an anti fungal as well along with some silver nitrate.