Cold Calling

Dear Seasoned Residents of France,

Having signed up to Orange and recently amended the contract we are now constantly receiving Cold Calls.

In the UK we had a one stop shop for each delivery method. A letter, email and call would stop all three forms of Junk Mail and Nuisance Calls.

Is there such a service in France?

Well it seems that Pacitel , the organisation which regulates cold calling has shut its doors from 1st Jan..The site is closed!!! - which is why I have suddenly started to receive cold calls all the time.. Why has it stopped? Because there is an overlap I think between the new regulations coming in which should stop cold calling and the old route which was via Pacitel.. so we are all "DOOMED" until the 2nd quarter of theyear which is June... when something may or may not happen???

An update - at last?! Let's hope it works better than the now-defunct Pacitel...

From 1st June, all businesses who use cold calling for 'sales prospecting' can no longer call numbers included in a centralized 'do-not-call' list, under penalty of a fine. From that date, consumers can register for this service by mail or online...

More here (in French): "Démarchage téléphonique : la liste rouge effective le 1er juin"

It seems to have taken quite a long time for this to be implemented - note the date of this article: March 2014!

"France - The End of Aggressive Cold-Calling?"

I put up with it - until I had 3 calls on each phone within 1/2 an hour... Orange have an excellent service to stop this if you are with Orange. I don't get any now.. the only drawback is that your callers are vetted before they get to you.. Small price for a bit of piece...


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Ha ha, Martin! recognise the humour although I only did 3 years and never got to meet the old dear in question who signed my commission...!

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Sadly 34 years in the Senior Service has removed any preciousness re comments.

Unfortunately pacitel will not work for you if you are already one of their customers!

It limits cold calling to those companies with whom you do not have a contractual rtelationship.

Most of the poor devils doing those calls are in North African and Indian call centres and only get paid for commissions, meaning when a sale is made following the contact they make. I have already been part of an action to start research to look into it because it is a seedy business from their end too. They are often well qualified people lured into the job by promises of good money who find themselves working under pressure to be aggressive salespeople, for long hours and very little reward. We just politely tell them 'No' and put the phone down. We have one or two every day bar Sundays and to be honest, as annoying as they may be we can live with it. Trying pacitel might work, it has not for us.

Sheila's already given it to you, it's pacitel

talking of cold caller, looks like there's one muscling in on your photo or is it your Mum tying your tie... ;-)

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Hi Martin. You could try this:

And you are not alone. See this discussion here on SFN: