Colissimo annoyances

No sh*t, what method did you use to attract our attention - pulling up on the street (about 10m from the front door) and whispering “your parcel is here”? Or perhaps knocking on the door with a feather? :rage:

Because we were all in, waiting for your delivery.

At least we have other stuff arriving (hopefully) tomorrow. Maybe 2nd time lucky.

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I’ve just had a card left in my box from the postie, we were also in, I was upstairs but Rémy was downstairs and he said he didn’t hear a knock! Normally they are very good and even open the door and leave it just inside if it is open. Must be a new one!

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To be fair we haven’t had much difficulty previously but this is quite an expensive item and I don’t wish to spend our entire visit sitting at home waiting for La Poste - so it would have to be this one they are playing silly devils with.

Really sorry to hear about this. I am a bit concerned at the moment because we normally have a wonderful post service but last week we just had one delivery (on Wednesday - including the arrives-on-a-Monday pack of advertising) and so far no deliveries at all this week. Has something horrible happened to La Poste?

Not just UPS then.

I recently risked several deliveries from U.K. with both tracked by Royal Mail….one attracted a €17 charge (the other didn’t)

I was able to track both via U.K. Royal Mail and know when delivery by la poste was imminent….

My post lady arrived with the two parcels on the same day and told me about the €17 charge and I asked if I should pay by card……she asked for a cheque which I duly gave her….

I have two more purchases I need to make from U.K. and if I could find an equivalent in France I would do so….

One order I need to make is from Helios homeopathy….I still haven’t found any equivalent here and Helios have restricted orders from U.K. to Europe to £100…

My birthday was back in March… OH’s birthday was the week before…

our daughter in UK sent both our cards in the same envelope… and paid extra for some sort of "guaranteed delivery by such and such a date… "

we’re still waiting…

It’s all very odd atm….I order lots of things for my mom in U.K……Damart seem to use Hermes quite a lot and the delivery driver knows her well and knows to wait for her to get to the door and where to leave her parcel if she doesn’t answer the door…

But it seems I often get a message that there is an amount to pay when I know full well there isn’t….I just block the number

And just to add to this I sometimes have deliveries by DPD and in U.K. I found them perfect with real time tracking and a photo of the delivery on the doorstep….on several recent deliveries I noticed they sent out a contactless delivery code…on the first I had received the email with the code I needed to give them but on the second I didn’t have any code….

The driver chose to give me my parcel and I received the code by email 3 days after….

The internet sometimes seems broken…:thinking:

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DPD used to provide an exemplary service, but they seem to be in a race to the bottom with Parcel Farce.

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I really rate DPD….while my border collie pup was still in U.K. after leaving his breeder I was ordering his raw food from natures menu delivered by DPD…

I was able to tell my daughter exactly where the delivery was and if she was on the school run or whatever we were able to get it left in a safe place with a photo showing where they left it….

It’s school holidays this week and next week. So if you’re rural will take a bet days will be missed as no cover.

I am suspecting in our particular locality we are getting no more than 4 days per week, ever. (6 days are required by law.). But interestingly, for those who know about the problems with London buses, a Post Office van seems to drive past very fast a bit more than that (but not 6 days).

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You could look on
It’s a German online chemist. You can adjust the language to English. They have some homeopathic medicines.

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Ah yes. A bit like marking a package Fragile

ha ha… going to an extreme (and not colissimo)

OH ordered a hydraulic lift … when it arrived the packaging was so badly damaged that we refused to accept delivery. It had been dropped and obviously damaged something within the packing… oil/fluid/whatever everywhere.

I spoke with the “main man” in Holland and sent him photos…
he promised to send a replacement lift asap… and to ensure it was properly packed and on a larger/sturdier pallet.

We were amazed to receive news from the carriers that this replacement was being delivered within 24 hrs… but… (yes, possibly you’ve guessed…) it turned out to be the same lift we had already refused. aaargh… some bright spark had simply turned the delivery/return… back on itself.

Thankfully, the “main man” did come up trumps and we did get a completely undamaged very large parcel on a huge pallet… safely delivered by the end of the week.

and the lift has given sterling service for many years now…