Combined domestic and business property


We have been hoping to make the move to France for some time but due to the appalling property market, have so far failed.

Ever optimistic though, we are still looking for a property. We need somewhere that we will have space for a photography studio and we got to thinking that something like an old warehouse would be ideal. It could be part working space and part living accomodation.

My question is this.... is it possible in France to buy a commercial premises and then live in it as well as still using part of it as a commercial premises?



Thanks very much for the replies! It is nice to know it is possible, I shall now investigate the admin involved....

Hello Nikki,

There are people ( ex pat and otherwise ) who mix residential with commercial, but it would be, I’ve no doubt, fraught with many administrative problems. What, I gather, may be more of an issue is that of ‘trading’. What status you would employ, qualifications, etc. Maybe you should pose your questions to the Photography or AE Groups. ( nice pics BTW )