Comedy DVDs


  1. Does anyone have any of my favourite comedy (clean language) DVDs that would like a new home ? Are there any library services for these DVDs ?
    eg Only Fools and Horses, Steptoe and Son, On The Buses, The Two Ronnies, Open All Hours, Mind Your Language, Hancock Half Hour, Carry On films. Little Britain and similar?
    Goodness Gracious Me and Gavin and Stacey are ok at a push.

For personal use to brighten my moods !
(Not ‘The Office’ )

  1. Can anyone offer lesson planning and , ressource and content advice to be able to help me to be able to propose English lessons for each age group including adults please ? What is the general demand ?
    I worry about personal security in placing small ads.

Please bear in mind I don’t have internet access at my fingertips, I go online once a week.

Thank you

If you have friends in the UK ask them to pop into a charity shop for you, there are loads usually available for about £1. And without the box they are light so just sending the disc costs same as a letter.

I’m currently doing a house clearance for a client and have some comedy classics on VHS - Fawlty Towers, Jeeves and Wooster etc. If I can’t persuade a Brit to have them they’ll be going to the local Emmaus.

Who still has VHS?

A VHS player too, do you have one in your house clearance ? I told someone about Fawlty Towers. VHS tapes and player would be great!

Not seen one yet, the other issue is getting the tapes to you, I’m in the Charente Maritime.

So am I. I’m in 17100
0665033961. What else do you have in your vide grenier please ?

@jane4, we’re quite close to you (17400), between Saintes and St Jean D’Angely. What sort of stuff are you after?

I don’t know, until I see something, I enjoy a good browse !

I can’t take anything big furniture wise at the moment.
What are the other tapes you have please ?
I have an appointment in Saint Jean d’Angély soon, I was thinking of going by train unless I can fit in something else en route. I look forward to hearing from you

The house clearance will be spread over the next few months as the house hasn’t been sold, the plan is to clear stuff bit by bit and each van load has to be sorted into dump, Emmaus and possibly wanted by Brits. At present we only have the VHS tapes, Classical music CD’s, a Panasonic music system, odd light fittings and a few ornaments.

English language teaching ressources please ? Recipe books come to mind, can you offer anything else ?

If you can give me a ring please to let me know when it’s suitable to pop round for a browse. 06 65 03 39 61.

Could you remind me please where is Emmaus ?

I look forward to hearing from you
Thank you