Comfort food for a cold winter day

(stella wood) #61

No idea… we just called it Lemon Pud… yum yum…must have sugar in it somewhere or it would have been too tart… Oh my… I can almost taste it…:heart_eyes:

(Véronique Langlands) #62

In case you feel like making one and have forgotten how :wink:

(Mandy Davies) #63

I remember plain sponge pudding and pink custard, and chocolate pudding with chocolate custard. Sooooo good.

The worst thing was the lumpy mash which would be served using an ice cream scoop. No choice back then, we had to have it although I always said “just one please”.

(Mandy Davies) #64

Maybe we are Ann. I don’t mind telling you I was born in 1969 and will be 49 next month. My wonderful Nan died 14 March 1994 aged just 72 and I still miss her.

(stella wood) #65

Where do I get suet… in France… what do I ask for ?

(Mandy Davies) #66

I’m interested in the answer to this too. I imagine you can get it fresh from the butcher but I doubt it lasts as long as Atora! I normally order it from British Corner Shop along with the HP Sauce and PG Tips. There are some things that we almost couldn’t live without!

(Mandy Davies) #67

Oh my goodness Stella you can order it from

Bit expensive though.

(stella wood) #68

Now then, now then… I don’t buy stuff from UK… I may ask a friend when they are visiting… but surely there is something in France…

(Véronique Langlands) #69

Graisse de rognons de boeuf/veau is what to ask for. You might be better off buying Atora from a British shop or stall on the market though,

(Ray Rampton) #70

And another of my favourite comfort foods (from ye olden days) is dripping on toast with white pepper and a little salt.
Managed to get that in January too :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #71

I’ll chat with my local butcher…see what he thinks/says

(stella wood) #72

Oh Ray… yes, scrape the top of the dripping, after it had set… and we would fight over the jelly which had separated and gone to the bottom of the bowl… that was a real delicacy…:hugs:

(Dominic Best) #73

Chicken sate. Cooking now.

(Véronique Langlands) #74

You can get dripping for putting on bread with a flake or two of seasalt in restaurants (and in pots, in shops) in Germany and Denmark (prob the rest of Scandinavia too but I don’t know). Delicious.

(stella wood) #75

Mmm… yes, but, the dripping you get at home… in the days after everyone has enjoyed the roast…mmm… oh, my mouth is watering at the very thought… :grin:

(stella wood) #76

There was a dish my French Gran used to rustle up…

All I can say, is how it looked and tasted… 'cos I was only young…

It was a one-pan job, cooked on the gas ring. At the table,we had a large pan with lid. Rice at the bottom with chicken sitting on top and mushrooms all over the place…

I’ve never tried cooking it myself, as I wasn’t sure about putting a raw chicken onto uncooked rice…

Come on @vero any ideas on this dish… it tasted wonderful. The rice was sort of dark grey, presumably from the mushrooms… and the chicken fell apart as soon as it was lifted from the pan.

Over to you Vero… and anyone else who might have some ideas, of course…

(Véronique Langlands) #77

No idea but it sounds like the sort of thing I cook because I don’t want to faff about with a zillion pans!
I am fairly clueless about cooking because as I was sent away to school at 4 I never really saw anyone at work in a kitchen.

(stella wood) #78

We used to look forward to her visits… her cooking was superb (and subtly different from Mum’s) … due, of course, to her French upbringing… :grin:

(stella wood) #79

One of our favourite desserts: French Pud… made by whipping jelly with evaporated milk. She used to make a huge bowl and sprinkle coloured sugar strands over the top.

Childish logic: we called it French Pud… because it was our French Gran who first made it for us… :hugs: and even my daughter calls it that… (it’s a family tradition)

(Helen Wright) #80

Winter comfort food for me usually involved a pot of something or other…stews casseroles…not that my kids would have agreed when they were little…18 months away from U.K. over two winters found me suddenly craving stew and dumplings and shepherds pie…my gran was Scottish forced to leave Scotland at 14 and into service…She made the most amazing dumplings…stovies ever…I have yet to replicate…A friend sent me some atora from British corner shop…(love her)…Yorkshire pudding…??? To die for…no Sunday roast is complete without Yorkshire’s and I was perfecting this when my George foreman bit the dust…! My shepherds pie now consists of mashed potatoes over lentils and topped with lots of grated cheese and sliced tomatoes…,My dumplings in spite of atora are just not delivering the mouth watering anticipation of love my Scottish gran’s yesteryear…It’s not often I get a craving for “home” but when I do it’s centered around dumplings and Yorkshire’s…oh and hoummas…not found that either yet…occasionally someone will mention they are going to get fish and chips…or a McDonald’s…I’ve not eaten McDonald’s for years so that’s no big deal…fish and chips…I’ve got past that craving…just a momentary flicker of envy and then when I hear later how crap they were then I’m over it…!