Commercial art

Unless you like starving and living in a hole in the ground, you can use your artistic talent to make money! Of, course making money from you art is looked down upon by real artists but you can do it and become famous.

That is what Howard Terpning, artist and movie poster illustrator did and during his long commercial art career he illustrated over eighty movie posters, creating artwork for some of the most famous movies ever filmed. In need some inspiration? Then why not paint/illustrate some aspect of a book you are reading or a TV/radio programme you have seen.

I used to look in my mum's Woman and Woman's Own magazine for illustrations as there were often reprints of stories from American woman's magazines such as Redbook. Bob Peak was a 'real' artist, as well as producing amazing film posters. Three more from the same era were Bart Forbes, Robert Heindel and Mark English. I thought that John Raynes was English as he was represented by an illustration agency in London from whom I used to commission artwork. Brilliant artist and consumate draughtsman. Other British artists/illustrators I like are Michael Johnson and Brian Saunders.

Those were the days,illustrated film posters.Two american masters of the art, Bernie Fuchs and Bob Peak. And illustrations were used in womens magazines to illustrate the main fiction. John Raynes is my favourite,an amazing artist. Wonder if it'll ever come back,maybe in England or the States but I doubt it here in France.Realism is viewed as 'passé',not enough anguish. Suzy.