Commercial shop fit outs

Hello Wonder does anybody have any experience with french commercial shop leases? Especially in regard to landlord responsibilities for fireproofing ceiling etc. Is it mandatory or depending on type of business? Eg cafe etc . We thought fit out costs are the responsibility of the tenant.

Thanks for any help or advice!

Thanks, Rosie, ours is up and running and has been for a few years now ;-)

Thanks Andrew for taking the time to reply. I just got some helpful info from John Dislins at,
saying that apart from normal safety regs specific requirements due to type of business are the tenants responsibility. Good luck with your business
Cheers Rosie

Need to look at the lease but if the work is for commercial reasons then the tenant, if it's for safety reasons and meeting requirements then I believe it is normally the landlord. My landlord has just changed the heating system as the old one was dangerous and I couldn't get anyone to service it (my responsibility). There seems to be a lot of flex and negotiation involved unless it's in the bail. ;-)