Company administration - how/when/if debtors are paid

Hi all,

We've just found out that client of ours went into administration last month. We have a signed bon de commande and had one outstanding facture at the time they went into administration. As we were unaware of the issue, we now have two outstanding invoices as the activity was booked for a year. I have, today, sent by recorded delivery a copy of the contract, invoices, emails etc to the Maitre in charge who is himself under judicial review! As we were not informed of the closure of the business, I am assuming we were 'missed' off the debtor list. Has anyone experience of this position? My key questions are:

1) If we have been missed off the list, can we get back on?

2) as we continued with the booked activity in good faith, will our second facture be included?

There is stock in the business and few debts so we are hoping for some part payment at least of these invoices. It will be a blow if we receive nothing.

Thanks for any experience/advice.

Totally agree with Shirley. Hard pill to swallow i know but i wasted about 2 days in writing letters/phone calls/recorded delivery letters - it is a waste of time and money to pursue it in most cases - have a glass of wine, sigh and move on...

Having said that I do know of a local company who sent a large amount of stock to another company who then folded before they paid anything - they hired a van and literally took back their stock before it was sold on by the administrators - don't know the logistics or legality of how they did it but it just goes to show - take action yourself if you can because if you leave it to the legal bods you get nothing.

exactly our thoughts too - just what a small business needs!! NOT.

Oh poops (for want of a stronger word). Thanks Lindsey.

HI Kathryn

This happened to us a few years ago and we did all you have done - recorded letter to the Maitre handling the closure of the business with all the evidence of what we had paid and in our case they had taken a payment from us for a 6 month booking and the company folded about a week later - they must have knowingly taken our payment. We did not get a bean back - only a letter telling us we were at the bottom of a very long list and there was no hope. sorry!