Compensation Comparison for blight by HS2 and TGV

Hi, Can anyone shed any light on the levels or calculations of compensation for blight by the TGV in France. I have a friend who is blighted by HS2 and the compensation seems pitiful. He is wondering if the French do better.

Any known facts would be appreciated.

Thank you everyone for your responses. I have passed them on to my friend in the UK

We also are affected by the LGV line mentioned, but will be to a lesser degree, and the landscaping planned has already been implemented in parts here near Chaunay 86, and more to follow, and it seems a very extensive and well-thought out choice of indigenous species...

We purchased having been told nothing by the imo about the close line planned at the time, but found out the day the Compromis was due to run out...we re-visited the area and saw for ourselves the red-topped sticks in place by then, showing the planned route. When tackled the imo blustered and admitted the farmhouse (where he grew up, we discovered later!) would be 4kms from the is actually 1 1/2 kms, but we guaged it acceptable and went ahead with the purchase, with no price reduction requested.

Then all the works started, and the sheer scale of the project kicked in. The line is much wider than we had thought, and then after the planned cutting it was going into had to be raised 8-10' because of the water table, so that it barely enables the electricity lines now to pass under the newly-constructed bridge, we really thought it would blight us all. Mud walls/barriers have gone in, and we've been told by pals that the trains will be making less journeys than we had initially thought.

In this time from purchase nearly 6 years ago, we then found ourselves having to move and downsize, but really concerned at the hit on our house -price...When a smaller but charming little place came up last year very cheaply in our hamlet, we decided to buy (we love it here and our neighbours) and hoped for the best when ready to market our main home....Be heartened! We chose one imo only, and went on the market less than 2 weeks ago, and received a good offer from the first viewer (of 2 with 2 more lined up) within days, which we've accepted. The question of the line wasn't raised at all, despite it being obvious and on the way to our village. We seem to find here that windfarms are the burning issue for many, as they seem to be popping up all over the place.

Fortunately, the "fraternite" bit does exist, at least I have witnessed it at first hand. The other two elements are a bit of a joke as far as I can see. France...freedom....nah!!! Unless of course you have bucket loads to pay for it therefore egalite is out of the window.

I would've been surprised if compensation did exist for TGV works. Being in the Charente we have had our fair share of disruption and I hadn't heard of people being recompenced. Put up or shut up, springs to mind. I have been surprised by the lack of walkouts and protest the french seem to do when it comes to domestic matters. The reputation they enjoy appears to be illfounded???

Bernadette, I am so sorry that you have had to put up with such a terrible degree of noise and disruption.

Unfortunately, it is true that despite Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, some citizens are more equal than others.

Life has improved to a degree, less lorries now but it will be at least two years until they sort out how bad the noise pollution will be. At the moment, because of the work done to create an embankment and motorway tunnel, we are getting motorway noise of around 80dcbl. Prior to the work it was barely audible. Although this is above the EU limit COSEA refuse to even measure the noise levels and our Marie will not commission an independent evaluation until the trains are actually running. As we are a hamlet outside of the commune it is not considered a problem for the population as a whole. So much for Fraternity! COSEA have even refused to put double glazing into a house that is less than ten metres from the track because they claim that the earth wall erected is enough. Needless to say the wall is not long enough to protect the house.

Still have achieved a few things that I did not think would ever happen. Have been on a picket line and scared quite a few lorry drivers. Now have quite a reputation as the 'mad English Woman' for standing in the middle of the road with a 30 sign held aloft whilst lorries thunder towards me.

As to your friend. Having the email address of the CEO works wonders and if he has problems with lorries speeding a referral to the laws on corporate manslaughter work wonders. If you inform the CEO in person of a problem and then somebody is injured the person informed has a legal responsibility for those injuries. Wish him good luck, given my experiences he will need it.

Dear Oh dear Bernadette, I do sympathise with your plight. I do hope life will improve for you and I will pass on your post to my friend in the UK.

Having been in battle with COSEA for the past three years I can tell you categorically that there is no compensation worth speaking of. We are 200m from the new Tours - Bordeaux line, have had huge lorries at the rate of 40ph travelling through our single lane hamlet for years and are not entitled to a penny although our property value has fallen through the floor. HS2 pay out a fortune by comparison. Am told 'it is for the good of the people'. More likely for the good of the Vinci Group who appear to have the monopoly on rail and motorway here. And to add icing to the cake we are now to pay for the road repairs, needed because of said lorries, as our very small commune (189 residents) is responsible for the maintenance.

Could have a major rant but the sound of ballast trains running through the night has put me off my stride!