Competition for the 'Most Contrary Cat'

I'm pretty sure Zorro will win but maybe your cats are even more contrary than him! :)

He's a very 'outdoor during the daytime' cat. He's practically invisible throughout the summer... I just see him for breakfast and supper.

Yesterday it drizzled all afternoon. He does not 'do' rain and stayed indoors, generally moping, moaning (in a rather loud half-Siamese way), and trying to subvert all my attempts at working!

Today, it's sunny and even quite warm. He doesn't want to go out! [rolling eyeballs]

So, what are your contrary cat tales? Or should that be 'tails'? :))

And that's just as it should be.

I'm sure cats are far more evolved than us... else why would we be the ones providing room and board? :-/

OOOh, I stopped trying to understand cats a while ago, Julie.

My time is spent by training humans to accept cats the way they are!

They certainly keep us amused - or is it the other way around???

I have been trapped in our bedroom corridor with one cat and one mouse. Only to realise that the mouse had dissappeared and had only one place to go and that was up my baggy trouser leg!!

My neighbours have probably never got over the shock of a screaming english woman rushing out of the house only to start getting undressed in a panic at the front door!!

OK... I think Lulu might have moved into first place! She definitely has a 'look', doesn't she?!

Beautiful cats, both of them. :)

OOOH Methinks Zorro has competition!!!

Our black and white moggie Lulu has us going all night. She meows to come in the front door, we give her some biccies(I will point out at this stage that we have no fewer than 3 cat flaps into ur house!!!) 2 biscuits and 2 second later, she asks to go out the kitchen window. in less time than I can sit on the sofa, she is at the lounge window just staring as if to say what a bad owner I am leaving her outside. I suffer this for all of 5 seconds and give in, letting her in. Straight to the terrace door to go out again.

If we succedd in ignoring her request to go out - "You are an in cat now LULU!!!" at this stage she may chose one of the cat flaps to go out of, and so we start all over again!!

I've really tried ignoring her, and hubbie and I now argue over whose turn it is to let her in/out. She has such a tormenting stare and I feel very guilty very quickly!

Here she is with her sister, Sidney - Lulu on the right