Complaint in January, fired in April 👍

Why can’t Government enquiries be as efficient (BTW, I know the answer).

IIRC, the head of the CBI is a woman.

Maybe she just doesn’t understand the importance of procrastination, fudge and obfuscation?


Ex-CBI boss not shown report that led to dismissal


Isn’t it just, we are sacking you but we’re not showing you the report or why we are sacking you.

And according to him he didn’t see it coming. There was no severance payout either.

I think the BBC report is confusing.

Mr Danker gave evidence to the enquiry and the enquiry reached a conclusion. He had plenty of opportunity, it seems, to put his side of the story.

He can challenge it if he wants, of course.

Well in the few (thank goodness) involuntary separations I’ve presided over just calling someone in and saying your gone mate wouldn’t have cut it. Usually better to present the “evidence” and negotiate as painless (for both parties) an exit as possible. For him just to have been defenestrated the gross misconduct must have very gross indeed.

That was my conclusion too

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Sacked CBI boss says reputation ‘totally destroyed’

Welcome to the real world Mr Danker, if he hadn’t have misbehaved he’d still be in his job.

Not the real world for politicians. Inquiry = can kicking.


The CBI could be on shaky ground here IMO. His grounds for dismissal seem to be…

  • Organising a secret and private karaoke party for 15 people after a Christmas work event
  • Viewing the Instagram accounts of CBI staff
  • Sending non-work related messages to staff on work messaging platforms
  • Inviting junior staff to breakfasts, lunches or one-on-one meetings

Nor sure I understand the first point. Needs more information.

If people have Instagram accounts they shouldn’t be surprised if people look at their profiles.

His explanation as to why he sent colleagues messages seems credible and not sinister.

All my management career I used skilp level interviews with junior staff to understand what was happening in the “ranks”. It was Company policy and damn good one too. How else can you take the pulse of a large organisation and ensure managers are communicating properly. I turned around the morale of a whole first-line management team through skip levels and giving them a voice for their frustrations and day to day difficulties. That benefitted the whole organisation enormously, which was reflected in the subsequent employee satisfaction surveys and our performance as a business.

Politics isn’t the real world, it’s a parallel universe. :grinning:

He said (on the radio this morning) that the last two were related to mentoring, and the twitter accouns were public.

He didn’t say anything about the claim of sexual harassment which - from what little is available in the public domain - was the cause of his dismissal.

If what he says is true - and he had plainly prepared well for the interview - then I find it difficult to believe he was legitimately sacked. But (and it’s difficult without seeing how someone “performs in the box”) I found what he said unconvincing and partial.

I suppose we’ll see if and when he sues for unfair dismissal etc.