Complémentaire santé refusal for British with 10 year CdS?

"Yes, it’s true, I’m English by birth… but I’ve a little French blood running through my veins… thanks to Grandmère… hurrah! "
(I always talk with my hands too, so I’m vaguely pointing at my left leg…)

Anyway, that little speech, suitably translated, never fails to raise a smile… although whether folk are smiling at what I’m saying or how I’m saying it… hmm… who knows… :rofl:

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You are quite right….slip of the finger …oops!

And raises a question for me. If I get given back the german nationality that was stolen from my mother and grandparents what is that? Despite having British passports they were German, and I was raised in a German speaking household, but am British. I won’t have acquired German nationality, but it will have been rescinded. Curious.

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Now that’s starting to get complicated :rofl: My kids are raised in a francophone family and only have the odd visit to the UK (last one pre-covid and usually only a week once a year or every other year) so all their references, way of thinking, reacting, living etc. is French. Growing up and school formats you to a perticular culture/country and I think it’s difficult to change that. For years now I feel like “un homme sans racines” to quote De Palmas. The odd visit back to the uk or when I meet English people I get treated as/feel more French. But with French family and friends etc. I’ll always be l’anglais. condemned to no-man’s land for the rest of my days!

I’m sure Véro will have a different take on it as she went to school in the UK/had a foot in both/several camps…


I feel entirely French and entirely Scottish, thanks to spending my life going back and forth. My extended family either side of the channel take it for granted I’m 100% whatever they are.
I have the impression that how new people treat me depends very much on which language they hear me speaking first.
Out and about with my children we are often asked why we speak several languages.
You are always someone’s foreign weirdo whatever happens :roll_eyes:


I quite like the idea of just being a foreign weirdo…I’ll stick with that.

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me to ! :thinking::grin::man_facepalming::rofl:

When I lived in the UK that was home but that was in another life. I’m happy as a settled immigrant in my new home which is where my life is and where I’ll end my days.

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Quote of the day !


Although I don’t subscribe to The Connexion… I am scanning through their headlines, regularly at the moment… and have not found anything “jumping out at me” about Brits/whoever with CdS/S1 being refused “whichever/whatever”…

Has anyone found any sort of update ???

Yes, ditto. I’m doing the same thing. I found A thread on A forum elsewhere… but that’s it. The silence is deafening. Methinks that if this was something systematic, it’d be all over the place.

We’re nearly in July, 6 months into a new era. I know there probably aren’t that many S1 holders seeking CSS but enough, I would have thought (dangerous, I know!) Enough of them would have gone through the process by now for any widespread problems to have become known.

What we perhaps want is an S1 holder who HAS been granted CSS to raise their hand.

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There is an update posted a couple of hours ago by “Remain in France Together” about this.

Via the Embassy they have received a reply from CNAM, the Caisse Nationale de l’Assurance Maladie. Basically it is not that there have been any new rules, but a tightening of the way in which the rules are being applied. It applies across Europe so is not a Brexit issue.

But yes, people who are on an S1 are not eligible to get the free/low cost CSS mutuelle from France. The logic for this is that people with an S1 are not strictly within PUMA, the French Health system, as their health are is paid for by their own national state.

Apparently the rules/law for CSS (complémentaire santé solidaire) that have always been in place specify that only people who ARE NOT covered by the social security regime of another country can be eligible.

So it seems that up until now the system has been a bit flexible/turned a blind eye, but no longer.

Advice is to check wether you might be eligible for an aLD for any of your medical issues, and check the market carefully for a value for money mutuelle.

(If you don’t have an S1 you remain eligible)

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So does that mean that the choice is either a)get an S1 and don’t pay cotisations or b)don’t get an S1, potentially pay cotisations, but if necessary in the future, you could access the CSS??? Or is that far far too simplistic??

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I am not sure you have the choice. It might be that if the UK is what used to be called your “competent state”, due to it being the last place you worked and being in receipt of a UK pension, then the UK has to take responsibility for your healthcare in retirement. Am I right in thinking that one of the pieces of paper you need to produce to enrol in PUMA is a statement from the UK saying that it is not responsible for your healthcare? If in fact it is supposed to be responsible I do not know if it would issue this document.
On the other hand it would be strange if the UK is going to start giving S1s to people who don’t want them when up to now people seem to have been clamouring for them.

I think that is too simplistic. It may well be that someone looking at your dossier could decide that because you are eligible to be covered by another country then that is the option you must take.

But anyway the free/low cost mutuelle is pretty basic, so I don’t think it gives you a lot of choice. It is very much a safety net. Anyway, most long term chronic conditions are covered 100%, as is emergency treatment.

And for many people who look after their health it is possible to live without a mutuelle at all. We have a simple hospital policy which removes the risk of enormous bills, and which is affordable, and pay the “part complémentaire” ourselves. €7.50 for a 20-30 minute doctor’s appointment I find quite reasonable.

This guide might help you get your head around the French system

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Clearly no longer applies!!

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Well there is competent… and then there is “competent”.

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