Compost toilet for an art studio

My question isn’t exactly about using a compost toilet at home; rather, I’d like to install one in an art studio.

Has anyone on SF installed a compost toilet in their home or workshop/outbuilding on their property in France? For example, there’s one called Ecodomeo.

If I purchase a garage to use as an art studio, located in a small village in France, I won’t have a toilet (not right away, anyway, since I’d need to save up the money to have the pipe and plumbing done). And, in fact, it might be good just to go with a composting toilet as a permanent thing, since it will only be me in the studio, to use it.

The discussions here about compost toilets seem to be a few years old, so I thought I’d ask my question anew instead of adding on to one of those. I’ve done a bit of research, and the older links from older discussions on SF seem to need a bit of updating. Instead, I found this information about compost toilets in France:

I found this via an article here:

Would anyone have any other websites or companies in France to recommend?

You could build & install a simple bucket style compost loo that you then use to feed a thermophylic (high temperature) composting system. We lived with one for a while & it was non-smelling, despite being in the corner of the space that at the time was our only room.
Lots of info to be found here.

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Thanks for this advice and the link!

Another nagging question is whether composting toilets are allowed in small-town France neighborhoods; in other words a small parcel of land with near neighbors, as opposed to being farther out in the country where one might not need to worry so much. Since the town has a sewer system, I guess I’m wondering if that means there might be more regulation/oversight for deviations such as compost toilets. Have you any experience with this, by any chance?

I’m thinkng that perhaps this is simply something to talk to the mairie about, when the time comes.

I don’t think there would be any local circumstances that would present a problem. You place your compost loo in a (screened) corner/separate room & if you can’t deal with the emptying nearby you take the sealed full bucket to your home composting site. You obviously have several buckets to rotate, & the secret is in using the correct sawdust. It’s all in the Humanure Handbook.

P.S. The biggest problem is educating users in their sawdust habits…

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Yes, I think you will be best advised to chat with the Mairie… I seem to recall that there are certain restrictions on what can be done with the compost…
you have an obligation on how to control the composting and not to cause nuisances.

eg: (I think) You must have a shaded composting area with several bins on the ground (no concrete floor), within reach of your garden hose, and ensure a supply of sawdust and / or shredded branches or bark (with a vegetable crusher).

Interesting link…

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