Computer stuff…..what is going on…..?

I don’t want to make a big to do of this, but this is either intriguing or sinister!

I have used a 32 gb SD card for my car-cam over several years. This particular card stopped working, couldn’t access it on the computer, and I put it to one side, I think in 2014, hoping that one day I’d be able to resuscitate it.

I haven’t resuscitated it but today have retrieved from it 56gb’s worth of 71,969 files of all sorts - jpg, avi, mov, mpg4, etc on this one SD card! Where they came from, I have no idea, except for those which were video car cam journeys, which I expected to find.

More importantly a jpg folder appeared containing 865 ‘lost name’ thumbnail size photos, and again where they came from, I have no idea, except that I began to recognise some faces!

Can anyone explain why I have clearly recognisable, thumbnail photos of people whose ID photos are on SF? How on earth did their faces get onto my car-cam SD card?

I upload them up here as they appear as retrieved files. I’m sure we all recognise them.

What is going on? Mystified!


Lost Name File (684)

Lost Name File (686)

Lost Name File (690)



Just to add, this is a screenshot of a page from my disk retrieval programme, listing ‘lost name’ photos, and you can see here an SF member in the top right-hand corner.

Any techies out there who can shed light on this mystery?

Did you use any data recovery software?

I did - EaseUS data recovery.

I see that you did.

The quart from pint pot might be because your retrieval software has “recovered” the same data more than once.

As to the thumbnails - has the card ever been used in, for example, a phone where they probably originated in the web cache if you browsed the SF site on that device.

The only place my SD card has been used is in the car-cam and in my desktop computer when from time to time I’d have a look at a video car-cam journey.

I think I may have used it in the past in my camera as well.

I do have software on my computer that ‘gathers’ any photos it finds and stores them in Photoshop Elements, but there’s no trace of these ID photos there.

Quoting Conan-Doyle: “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”.

Which suggests the thumbnails must have originated on your PC.

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Then I can only assume that my PC has somehow gathered SF ID photos from the SF website itself, or from the occasional email I receive from an SF member.

To put peoples’ minds at rest, I most certainly have not copied and pasted their boatraces into my computer.

You’d be surprised what gets into a web cache. Or maybe you wouldn’t

Every thread you look at has the avatar images for each user that has posted, they are regular rectangular images, the circular viewing port added by the software - look at a couple of long threads, or multiple threads and you will quickly end up with the thumbnail images for all the regularly active SF users.

Quite what decided to transfer them to the SD card if it has only ever been in your dash cam and as an external drive in the PC is less clear, but it must have been something on the PC.

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or you had murderous intent when you encountered these members on the road which your dash cam then recorded :grin:

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I don’t have any murderous intent towards anyone recorded on my car-cam except those motorists that come so close to the white line in the middle of the road – ON A BEND - that I have to brush the grassy verge to avoid a crash! Buggers!

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I’m sorry Comrade, but the Committee for SF Security has decreed that your PC is an Enemy of The State and must be eliminated.

Comrades Hammer and Magnet will be arriving shortly to take care of matters.


Anyone have experience of an iPad Pro, the older bigger version? I put in on charge and nothing happened for 3 days. I tried several chargers, other cables, tried connecting it to the computer, but it seemed as dead as a dodo.

I tried once more this morning and when I checked it this afternoon it was 50% charged and still charging.

Can temperature have an effect? I’ve noticed in the past when I’ve tried to charge it, and it doesn’t respond, yet in the morning it’s 100% charged, overnight!

What gives…?

I’ve downloaded a programme called iMazing, which can look into apple devices and assess the battery condition, so I’ll try that when it’s fully charged.

Don’t worry yet, things Mac are a bit different. Most replies are perhaps from windoze users? Although I have to say battery failure is one of Apple weaknesses (my graphic designer will kill me for that!) but then us Mac users don’t suffer from spam and other weaknesses. Horses for courses and all that…

I will ask him tonight and see if he has any thoughts as he in also an Apple Level 1 engineer. You never know…

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Lithium battery charge controllers usually won’t charge a battery if the cell voltage is too low or if one cell in a multi cell battery is too far out from the others.

I had the same sort of problem with an iPhone that I’d had for a couple of years. The problem was solved with a tooth pick, fluff had built up in the charging hole.


I second Wozza - completely had the same issue. Spoiler alert - this is for a lightning cable ‘hole’.

Be careful with the toothpick - try at least a blunt one. The risk is you damage the pins in the ‘hole’ - and then it wont charge at all.

Compressed air canister?

look in the ‘hole’ with a camera / torch etc.

Tons of fluff came out of mine.

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Mine was a IPhone 6S, can’t remember the type of charging socket.
I’d use a sharp tooth pick (using a blunt one may cause damage) very gently to get a hold of the fluff and oik it out, I too was surprised to see the amount of jank that came out.

I have a lot of experience of ipad charging cables failing! Whether proper apple ones or generic they don’t seem to last that long with me.

(That was after compressed air canister did nothing - which is my first fix.)

My iPad Pro seems to be ok now, thanks, everyone. Fully charged. Will keep the cable and charger to one side solely for its own use.

According to iMazing the ‘battery health is average’ at 90%, whatever that means.

The socket connection wasn’t at fault because the iPad charged ok. It just took so long! Won’t be needing a new battery then, which worried me a bit.