Concealed cupboard

Not wanting to waste this little space I turned it into a hidden cupboard, tidy and practical, very pleased with it!


Very clever! Bravo!

Good luck! ;-)

I'll have a look on ebay :)

You'll have to get a hitching post and hay rack put up to make it more authentic..... oh, and a couple of optics, hand pumps, sawdust on the floor, spittoon, etc etc.....

Yes it's a continuation of the first part of the wall, I'm really pleased with it, it's a bit like a wild west theme pub!

And is that more of your recycled wood, James? Like it!

good point - hadn't thought of that!

Yes it's a blackboard, I should have written on it before I took the photo, better to paint a large board and give them that I reckon otherwise it will take loads of coats of paint to hide it in future.

That is great - is that a blackboard on it too. Very practical - I was thinking of using blackboard paint on a wall in the kids playroom - just hope they would realise that is the only wall they can write on.