Concrete breaker

Hope this is ok to use my wife's account as mine is in the Uk and it does seem a little silly to have 2.

Anyway one of my jobs this time round as to remove our old shower tray and base,easy i thought.Oh how wrong was I. Got out the club hammer and chisels,not even a dent,so out came the small hammer/chisel drill after 20 minutes I had cut a lump of about the size of a cricket ball,a lot of extremly bad language followed.I gave up then and went off to the shops to look for a BIG tool,decided that €500 plus was a little more than I wanted to spend. A lot more bad language followed,at the thought of how long it was going to take and how many times I was going to hit my hand.By great chance we had to go to Castorama for something.Low and behold right on the top shelf I spied a "ConcreteBreaker"off I trot to find some help. Imagine my surprise and delight when I am told the cost was less than €200 I amost gave the assistant a kiss. I started the job today at 9am by 9.45 I was clearing up.One happy chappy here.

So anyone living close to Madiran and is in need of such a tool they are more than welcome to borrow it.just give us a call we are here till the 13th and as long as I get it back this year in working order there is no hurry to return it.