The latest advice from the Prime Minister. The useful one that is.


I reckon it was a well thought out plan… and was pleased to hear him say that this “plan” for derestriction would NOT commence 11 May if … if the good-results, in the coming days, took a downward turn…


In France there are just under 3000 known new cases each day and I would like to know how people are still contracting this virus. I understand the unavoidable risks that frontline workers are having to take but who else are newly infected? Are they people who are flouting the lockdown rules and putting themselves, and everyone else, at risk? Or are they people who strictly observe the rules but have to occasionally venture out for necessary supplies and catch the virus in say a supermarket?

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Since everyone is not leaving, their home in full HazMat suit & respirator PPE & decontaminating on return then there is always the chance of catching the virus. The various lockdown & social distancing measures only reduce the risk of infection they cannot possibly eliminate it totally especially as it is so contagious.


I am finding the social distancing regulations are not being followed by many people. In Lidl last week a woman without a mask came within a meter or less from me at the checkout, I asked her to back off and she just laughed and then turned to the rest of the queue, said something and laughed. Today a couple behind me at the checkout queue, neither wearing masks were very close, fortunately they moved to another queue but when I finally got to the checkout with my 2 items another man behind me without a mask starting piling his stuff on so close I almost feel his breath. It seems also here one meter is considered a safe distance, prefer two myself. I absolutely hate going out with all these idiots around and glad I wont have to do it again for about 10 days.

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I’ve had similar experiences at Lidl where I am. We also have a neighbour (but only one out of many) who fraternises regularly with friends who come in their cars. My husband and I are both high risk and we follow all the rules, but there will always be tearaways who care for nothing but themselves.

Hi Poppy,
I understand your concerns and share them but am slightly puzzled that you had the need for an essential journey to Lidl for 2 items and can now lock down for another 10 days?
I last shopped 8 days ago and following a careful study of current home supplies have decided that we can last until monday for next Lidl shop when it will hopefully be less busy :wink:

I am wondering what folk consider “Essentials”… ??? :thinking:

Beer, cigarettes, baguettes twice a day etc etc.

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It’s been 46 days for us so far… and I am finding new ways of dealing with any situation… (eg fly spray on an ant invasion).

The freezer is still revealing its treasures… and, with what is hiding in the pantry (obviously not first choice, hence stuff has been pushed to the back and forgotten) … I would say we’ve enough main meals for another 21 days.

Medication will probably be needed by end of next week… mmm… have to ponder that one. Might be able to get that collected on our behalf…
'cos I’m not sure I remember how to drive… :frowning: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

If you are vulnerable your pharmacy may well deliver.

As as for catching the virus do remember a lot of people are still working, still having to travel, empty your bins, deliver flour to your baker, keep your electricity flowing and so on. Our neighbours caught it they believe as one of them had to go onto their office to pick up work.

And with a period of 7 - 14 day after you have caught the disease when you are contagious there’s a lot of room for transmission. I don’t particularly blame idiots in supermarkets.


We have someone in the commune who offered to collect medication for me, when lockdown commenced… as she has to go to work nearby anyway. I will probably take her up on her offer. It would certainly be safer than us going out …

It’s been an interesting challenge so far, keeping isolated, occupied and sane… and enjoying some strange confections (on occasions) … :relaxed: :relaxed:

Yes our “back of cupboard” challenge has been interesting :grimacing:…favourite so far was ancient packet of prunes way past sell by date and desiccated. A couple of days soaking in Marsala and they plumped up nicely and made a great cake.

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they taste fantastic soaked in any alcohol… (hic)… I have jars of different “flavours” and just take out what I want… as and when…

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I had been to the pharmacy for an essential prescription and whilst already out called in Lidl as the closest supermarket for some essential drain cleaner.

Ah… that’s interesting… what did you get… and what was the problem??

One of our sinks is causing trouble… only drains away when it thinks it will… I’ve asked OH to take the pipes apart… but it seems he has too many more important things to do… :thinking: :roll_eyes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Two problems, guest toilet flushing slowly and shower blocked. Lidl’s own brand drain cleaner sorted the shower out but not the toilet which is exactly what we expected. Next step will be a plumber. We could borrow rods from a friend but they are not local and assume that would not be accepted as an essential journey.

If the only people I ever get within less than two meters of are idiots in supermarkets then I would particularly blame them if I got sick.

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Do you have guests at the moment… or can you wait until your local deconfinement makes things easier…

If the work is absolutely essential… getting rods from someone might well be acceptable… depending on how far… (just thinking aloud).