Conflict with skype and apple mac - they squabble


I am in touch with a friend in the UK who also has a MAC. We use SKYPE as we send silent messages and tend to use the web cam for 10 mins. We put on the Web Cam and it drops out in seconds - exasperating, Have contact Apple Support and they say nothing wrong with my computer - it is up-to-date etc. Skype has also been updated and that is when maybe the problem started - less than a month ago. Tried to contact Skype many times to no avail. We have been using Skype for 5 years using the Mac with no issues. We do not use FaceTime as we send silent messages ie writing to one another - we do not talk,

Should like to be in touch with someone that may have the problem or is prepared to try their computer Apple Mac and Skype with me. Thank you

I have resolved the problem - touch wood it stays that way.


Skype has been updated on my Windows 10 computer and has never worked properly since. Someone rings me on it and I can hear it ringing but when I switch to it I can’t see who is ringing or the box I used to get to answer the call. Only when the user has disconnected can I see who called by going through each contact until I see the missed call. I can then call them back. So it may not be a Mac/Skype problem but just a Skype problem.

I resolved my problem with no help or guidance from Skype or Apple. I did it myself which really surprised me but it gave me a feel good factor. Less stress now.


And the problem was???

I used a full screen whilst using Skype !

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